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May 30th & June 6th

6-8pm MST both days

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the yoga of love


In the absence of a physical guru,
we have our romantic relationships. 

We all have a dream of love. 

In love, there is sacred friction.

Precious, generative, & frustrating friction. 

There's the love we want, and then... there are the people we meet.


Sometimes, the people we meet fall within our dream of love. Woohoo! 🥳 But more often... they don't. 😫 And even when we do find "the right person," as the years pass... it's never perfect. 🙃 There's always something wrong; it's just not right.


Now, what I'm saying may feel bleak, but this common experience can actually lead us to ask spiritually transformative questions:

Q: Why is it that our vision of love is never totally fulfilled?

A: The problem isn't the people we are with, it's the way our mind engages with them. Often, our engagement is limited. This is the level of ordinary human consciousness; it's normal. However, if we continue to engage with our loves from a limited view, our experience of them will always remain limited.


Q: What limits our experience?

A: The ego!!


Relationships are dojos of self-improvement, if we choose to engage with them in this way. So, with this in mind, our relationships are the ideal space to polish & refine our egos. Love & relating is one of the most powerful arenas to examine our egos. Unexamined, the ego is the aspect of our mind that constantly looks for problems, create a sense of division, and leave us feeling perpetually unfufilled. Examined, the ego turns our relationships into potent avenues of worship and devotion.  

"No relationship is perfect from the perspective of the ego.

But every relationship is perfect from the perspective of a yogi." 

You are the key to having a fulfilling, spiritual relationship. 

The spiritual worldview I operate & teach from is steeped in the philosophy of Grace. From this perspective, the way that we approach a situation has a direct result on what we are able to receive from it.


This teaching permeates every aspect of life: from approaching a sacred altar, to approaching our lovers. So, the way that you make a relationship spiritual is based in the way you approach it. It actually has very little to do with who you're with. It's all about you engaging with your partner in a way that is spiritually beneficial.


And this is actually great news because it liberates you from fixating on finding the "perfect person." Why? Because...

The relationship may never be perfect, but your approach can be. 

Tuesday May 30th & June 6th

6-8pm MST each day 


DAY ONE is philosophical.

On day one, I'll be offering a yogic perspective on love: you are the agent that makes relating a spiritual experience. After we understand the meaning & purpose of spirituality, I'll expand on three concepts that underly any spiritual relationship: self-improvement, surrender, and investigating what is Eternal.  

Relationships are powerful arenas for ego-work. The ultimate goal is to shift from simply loving people, to becoming Love.


Full disclosure: The yoga of love does not mean that we need to endure whatever relationship we are in; abuse is never tolerated. What the yoga of love allows us to do is to cultivate a sense of inner sovereignty that transcends any relationship we may find ourselves in. There's a big difference !

DAY TWO is practical  

On day two, we'll dive deeper into the investigation of the Eternal and frame our pursuit of love around the tantric conception of marriage & union. Then, I'll share practical relationship advice that has helped me to make my relationships more spiritually productive: techniques, practices & transformative perspectives.


Spiritual love is about honoring our individuality, while vowing to court the Eternal regardless of who we are with. So, we'll definitely talk about the importance of defining what our needs are in love! ♡ 


The recording from each day will be sent out after class! Exercises and writing prompts will be shared between the two classes.

About your instructor: Hanna Williams is a Classical Tantra initiate & spiritual mentor. She wants you to know that Love is your own treasure. 😎

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