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In this 2.5 hour workshop + Q&A, ​I will cover all of the philosophical & physical necessities to build or enhance an altar space. 

I share about:

  • the point & purpose of an altar space,

  • the meaning of spiritual materialism,

  • the value of devotion,

  • my perspective on deity worship,

  • the anatomy of an altar,

  • & what to do when you're there.

At the end of this workshop, you will not only have more guidelines for how to build an altar, but also a grounded understanding about how to approach it in your mind & your heart. In the ideal altar space, the inner & the outer exist harmoniously. 

I highly recommend taking my PRAYER 101 & DEVOTION 101 courses before this workshop! These courses will enhance your understanding. 

This workshop is for all levels. However, existing faith in God is essential to fully engage with the content of this class. 


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