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Do you even know what you are devoted to? 


Getting in touch with spiritual devotion is jet fuel for your development.
and... unless you get clear on what you are devoted to, you may consistently find yourself on a spiritual plateau.

Devotion is the beating-heart & life-force of the spiritual path. It holds the entire process together and benefits every aspect of our development. Without it, our process is deprived.

Do you know what spiritual devotion actually is?
It's something quite specific.

Are you practicing self-help? Or devoted spirituality? 
There's a difference. 

Spiritual devotion is about devoting yourself to something OUTSIDE of yourself. Something Greater; Something Higher.

Unless you devote yourself to something OUTSIDE of yourself, your practice and progress inevitably be just about you. And that's self-help, NOT spirituality. 

Self-help can be beneficial, but gearing our practice around simply helping ourselves puts limits on our experience. 

Spirituality is about coming into deeper awareness of What Is [God] and then living in service and devotion to That.

The good news is that we do help ourselves when we begin to help God in the form of the world. From this view, our devotion shifts from being centered only around ourselves to the Supreme Cause of ourselves... our life... and the universe Itself.

After DEVOTION 101, you will be able to access the feeling of devotion and embark on the journey of integrating devotional practice into your daily life. 



DEVOTION 101 [audio]

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