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Your Personality Isn't a Disease


But there is an aspect of your mind that's keeping you feeling small, limited, and separate from the Universe. This aspect is called the ego (ahamkara), and your personality is closely intertwined with it.


The Real Issue: Your personality isn't the problem on the spiritual path. The "problem" is what your personality identifies with (and the ego loves problems 😉).


Many people believe the ego needs to be destroyed, but it doesn't. It needs to be redirected.


Download THE EGO 101 and immerse yourself in a fresh, yet traditional, perspective on the ego. This course will help you work with your ego in a way that's supportive of your spiritual path and honors your unique, sacred individuality.


In this two-part course, I will guide you through the philosophical aspects of the ego, revealing its true purpose and potential. You’ll learn that the ego isn't inherently bad, but rather a tool that can be refined to express an expanded state of being. 💗


  • Part One: The philosophy of the ego
  • Part Two: How to actually work with it


What You’ll Learn:

  • The true nature of the ego and its role in the Divine play of Consciousness
  • The distinction between the ego and the personality
  • The importance of ego work in relation to Grace and spiritual growth
  • Practical techniques for refining the ego


Why listen:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the ego and its role in your spiritual journey
  • Develop a compassionate and nurturing approach to ego work
  • Cultivate self-love, acceptance, and a positive relationship with surrender
  • Learn how refining the ego can allow your personality to shine even brighter


What's Included:

  • A comprehensive philosophical talk on the ego and its role in spiritual growth (Day One)
  • Practical insights and techniques for working with the ego in your daily life (Day Two)
  • A resource sheet with key concepts, class summaries, and reflection questions. 


Whether you're new to the spiritual path or a seasoned practitioner, THE EGO 101 will provide you with the tools and understanding needed to embrace your personality as an ally in your spiritual journey. By the end of it, you'll feel empowered by a new understanding of your ego that is nourishing, supportive, and aligned with your spiritual growth.


"Ego-work pokes a finger in a wound.

But then, like a gift: you become aware of it,

and do what needs to be done to heal it."


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