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Free Talk:
Chronic Illness on
the Spiritual Path

Okay so first of all, I gave this talk about being sick... when I was sick.

( there I am ↓↓↓ bundled up, feelin like sh*t)

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So, if you're a spiritual being who also deals with a struggling body... this talk is for you.

Between 8 years of chronic pain and a Crohn's disease diagnosis, I'm a veteran of the pain olympics. And despite this journey, I have not only been able to maintain a dedicated spiritual path but also have achieved success in both my personal life and career. Emphasis on despite.

This talk isn't about moving from suffering to ✨success.


This talk is about succeeding while experiencing challenges that most people don't have to deal with. Whether it's spiritual success, personal success, financial success, or relationship success. 

Chronic illness can either hold you back or accelerate your journey of self-understanding, which can lead to a state of fulfillment that most people don't have access to.

You can re-contextualize the power of thought, karma, and well-being in a way where you don't blame yourself or your body for your physical issues.


And better yet: challenge the assumption that spirituality = better health.


When you look at the history of Great Saints, that belief is a bunch of rubbish

This talk is your reminder that your deepest

body struggles aren't spiritual barriers.

Simply existing is so much easier for able-bodied people. But you have super powers that can only be accessed because of what you've experienced. Trust me.


Am I sugar coating what it means to carry a life with chronic illness? No.  

But we can live profoundly fulfilling lives despite the cards we've been dealt. 

  How to get the talk:  

I'm all about engaging with what I learn. So, this talk comes with reflection questions which will be sent to you each day for 5 days.


To get started, drop your email address below to get the talk sent directly to your inbox.

Over the next 3 days, you'll see an email from me with a new reflection question!

Feel free to use them as journal prompts, or to just carry them around in your pocket as you move through your day!  

Chronic Illness on the Spiritual Path ⬇️

Thank you!

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