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Student Success Stories

testimonials, reviews, experiences, etc.

"Working with you has completely redefined how I see and experience God in my life. Learning about devotion, defining what God means, and understanding Grace and how it applies to my life has transformed my spiritual perspective.


Before learning from you, I wasn't aware that I lacked a clear definition of God or spirituality. Now, for the first time in my life, my spirituality belongs to me, and I have defined it for myself."

I've developed a disposition that God's grace is constantly catching me and pulling me forward. With a love like that, I feel ultimately safe in this world. This awareness has helped me profoundly, developing a resilience that allows me to honor my feelings while keeping my heart open, even in the face of adversity."

-Henna, USA

[Spiritual Mentorship]


Megan B. [Sister Nettle]

Textile artist and mother.

Client for 6+ months

“I really can’t overstate how special it has been to work with Hanna and have her witness me and my journey with God. I’ve never been in a setting where I could bring up all my doubts and concerns and even sarcastic jokes about God and genuinely just be held and smiled at. Very different from all my experiences growing up in an organized religion. At the same time, this process has really brought me back home to religion in an ancestral way, and I find myself wanting to be “religious” more than I ever thought possible!”

"What immediately drew me to you was your ability to bring levity, playfulness, and humor to the spiritual process. This approach was refreshing, as it embraced the beautiful, deep, and challenging aspects of spirituality while also acknowledging the inherent absurdity and silliness of the human experience.


Working with you provided exposure to concepts and language that I had intuitively sensed but couldn't articulate. Having the right words and frameworks allowed me to delve much deeper into my spiritual journey, as I could now relate to these ideas with greater clarity and context.

-Fiona, USA

[Spiritual Mentorship]

"I am deeply grateful I got to work with you. What I keep from our work together are deeply simple things. I've been reading and learning about God for a while but always felt very confused between different vague explanations of how to relate with God, rituals, what you're supposed to feel and so on. 

Our work together has created for me a very solid foundation and left me with simple tools to strengthen this foundation. 
Working with you 1:1 has been precious for its refining dynamic. Access to your courses is a gold mine of information but talking about it with you after watching them brought the clarifying touches that grounds my understanding in my own experience and from there I can integrate and act. 

And the work isn't finished working me, as I review our talks and your classes it continues...Thank you for everything." 
-Sam, France 
[Spiritual Mentorship]


Amanda G.

Nonprofit & Wordpress Consultant 

Client for just 2 months

I never thought that following a spiritual instagram would have landed me with the clarity and momentum on my spiritual path that I now experience. In a short few months working with Hanna and immersing myself in her content, I've seen more growth and expansion in my experience than in anything I've done previously. The classes, books, lectures, podcasts, and teachers I've found truth in led me further and further down the path until I found myself feeling confused & unsure of how to integrate the knowledge I was ingesting. I knew I needed guidance, but I wasn't feeling like the mainstream wellness and spiritual communities were where I should be.

"I hadn't planned to learn from anyone, but your way of communicating these issues caught my attention. I fell in love with your memes first, finding them really funny. This led me to participate in the 'Beyond Mindfulness' class, where I fell in love with your teaching style.


You teach in a very down-to-earth way. It feels practical and applicable to my life, not just some philosophical concept that sounds interesting but is difficult to implement. Your teaching helps me understand where I've been stuck and provides words for things I've been trying to articulate.

Learning from you has made the whole spiritual practice approachable. It feels warm and enjoyable to be around. There's no effort from me; I'm just experiencing the facts of your teaching."

-Mariana, Colombia

[Spiritual Mentorship]

"One of the most fascinating aspects of working with you was how it actually brought me closer to my own spiritual lineage. Your teachings helped me discover Christian mysticism and realize that my Christian upbringing had provided a valuable framework for relating to God, which I hadn't fully appreciated before."   -Fiona.


Roxanne S. 



"Working 1:1 with Hanna has been positively impactful. Like working with a really wise friend, I felt completely safe and held in the container she obviously thoughtfully cultivates with much care and respect. I came into this 1:1 with a lot of discomfort in specific arenas of my existence; areas that I was having difficulty aligning with spiritually. Hanna gave me many tools to implement into daily life that I am absolutely actually using. One of the things I loved most about working with Hanna is her questions. She asked me so many that really prodded me in a way to become awake to how I am moving in the world. That kind of attention really put to the forefront that she was here to serve me and that she cared and listened intently. These questions also kept me in the driver seat of my experience; she wasn't telling me how to live my life. My intention going into this experience was to be more self assured. I come out of this eager to step into this state of assuredness- I am legitimately excited as I feel I am leaving this 1:1 moment a more true version of my self."

"Prior to working with you, I was seeking a meaningful connection with God. I didn't feel drawn to any particular tradition and lacked a container to connect with the divine. There was a sense of hunger and seeking.

After working with you, I feel completely satiated. I was afraid to even pray before, but now I feel encouraged to explore many different traditions. The connection to God and the love I feel for and from God has grown tremendously.


The role of grace in my life has been amazing and ever-evolving. There were points where it felt like a struggle to surrender, but grace would swoop right in. Now, I've come to a place where I trust that grace is working on my behalf to the point where it's transformed my nervous system.


Your perspective on the subtle being far more powerful than a polar shift is unique and amazing. For me, so much of this path is in those subtle shifts that invite you to go deeper and deeper. I know this will be an ongoing journey for the rest of my life."

-Genevieve, USA

[Spiritual Mentorship]

"I attended the Steiner Reading Room in 2022. Hanna is brilliant at transforming complicated esoteric knowledge and transforming it into everyday wisdom that is easy to digest and integrate. It helped me find that much needed balance between being ardent about my spiritual goals while not taking myself so seriously. What I appreciate about Hanna in particular is the way the teachings express themselves through her— her storytelling has a nice ebb and flow that’s organized in a practical way for taking notes and disseminating the core teachings while also being highly captivating and hilarious. She is very open and honest about her personal journey and does not pretend to be anything she’s not. I would recommend her courses to anyone looking to add true depth and substance to their spiritual practice, or anyone who wants to explore practicing yoga off the mat. It is a treat to receive teachings from an actual lineage holder who has the personality of a standup comedian and the integrity of a saint."

-Sidni, USA


Kelcie N. 

Animal Steward


"The space Hanna facilitated within our first month was truly and profoundly transformational.  Standing on the other side of those 4 weeks, it feels as if I'm fully my authentic self; yet paradoxically, a brand new being with untapped potential. True to the field guide title, the tools and knowledge Hanna possesses combined with her deep empathy and apt humor were integral in guiding me to my home within myself."

"I knew from my very first phone call with Hanna that this was the "fit" that I needed to expand, explore, and deepen my spiritual practices.


Hanna models curiosity and values it in her mentees-- instead of expecting conformity or adherence she treasures engagement, depth, and a spirit of playful exploration.


I also appreciate the balance of warmth, candor, and high expectations that Hanna has exhibited in our sessions-- she is an expert at "pushing" in ways that are welcome, valuable, and encouraging.


My time with Hanna always leaves me feeling energized, engaged, understood, and ready to deepen my relationship with God and myself.


I am so grateful for her wisdom, sense of humor, and willingness to share her depth of knowledge and creativity."

-K., [Spiritual Mentorship]


Constance E. 

Outdoor Advocate

"My decision to apply to work with Hanna has turned out to be one of the best choices I’ve made for myself. Hanna’s compassionate and capable guidance has strengthened me in a lot of different ways after a month of working together so far. I came to Hanna expressing the desire to be both more reliable as a person and more grounded in myself and my understanding of other people. The work I’ve been doing has blossomed beyond those initial goals as I’ve seen changes in my day to day life. The tools Hanna has equipped me with have enabled me to pull on threads that I’ve been curious about for years and finally start to unravel some awesome discoveries about what growth and self effort and love really are. Hanna is an intelligent person, full of Grace and a sparkling type of wisdom that brightens even the densest subjects. I’ve really loved working with her!"

"This experience was very powerful for me over the course of 5 months- in ways I couldn’t have expected! My goals in signing up for coaching were to become more spiritually integrated in my daily life, feel connected more of the time, and have a clear devotional path. I can confidently say that I achieved all three of these things, and feel passionate and faithful in my spiritual path. I exited a new age cult a few years prior and the trust that I felt in Hanna helped me heal the wounds I had around my spirituality. She is trustworthy, consistent and a well of information, compassion and guidance that has helped me point the arrow of my being towards the direct experience of God, which is what I was craving all along. ❤️"

-Samantha, USA 
[Spiritual Mentorship]


Megan B. [Sister Nettle]

Textile artist and mother.

Client for 6+ months

"Working with Hanna has helped me open doors within myself that I honestly never thought I’d reach in this lifetime! I’ve always been journeying through states of atheism, agnosticism, animism, and feeling so much “unknown." And while we will always live in Divine Ignorance, I’m now more secure and certain than I have ever been.

A big part of what Hanna offers is the opportunity to be able to access her years worth of education and spiritual practice/knowledge, and through that move through your own lessons and milestones more quickly and gently than you would without a guide in some form. And that could not be more accurate for me. When I say I’ve gained clarity on parts of my spiritual framework that I thought I’d never find in this lifetime, I really mean it. A lot of times at the beginning of my session after we meditate together, I just find myself crying from a soft and loved place, because this entire journey has been that special for me and I’m so grateful to have found my spiritual home within myself in this lifetime.


But now having worked with her for six months, I have so many concrete things in my day to day life that I can look at and say: “oh my gosh, I am moving in such a different way than I was before. I am able to hold space where I couldn’t before! I moved through that with so much more grace.” My ability to slow down and witness my reality and be less reactive has been huge. On a spiritual level, my understanding and natural inclination to prayer has grown so much, my confidence in my connectedness and inherent right to reach for God, are all things that have come so naturally for me through this process…"

"I sincerely enjoyed the Steiner Reading Room! Hanna has a real gift for teaching! She is great at communicating complex ideas, bringing in her extensive knowledge and understanding of spirituality to deepen the participants' experience. But even more importantly, she is open-minded and a great listener, which allows her to connect with her students and serve their different needs; it is clear that she really cared about each and every one of us and wanted to deliver the best possible class. Hanna is also delightfully goofy; by that I mean she is an absolute nerd for all things spiritual and god-centered. It was clear that she loves what she does and her excitement and enthusiasm produced an unparalleled environment for learning and growth. I think of the Christian advice that one must become "a fool for God," meaning that on our path towards union with the divine we will most likely appear foolish to the world, and I think in this class Hanna exemplified that in the most wonderful ways. Through her expertise, humor, and gentle compassion I was able to reconnect with my own spiritual enthusiasm and felt reassured that while often challenging, the path towards a deeper spirituality can (and should!) be a life-long source of joy!"

-Jack, USA 


Genevieve E.



"Working one on one with Hanna over the past few months has been a precious gift. Her humor, compassion, instincts, and  deep knowledge and understanding of spiritual practices are unmatched. I feel like I discover something new and transformative every week, either in our sessions or between them as I integrate the things we talked about. Over the course of our time together, the interconnectedness, simplicity, and beauty of the spiritual path, (of which Hanna is an expert navigator), has continually amazed and delighted me. Sometimes the path is hilarious, sometimes it's painful, but there is always the offering to find Grace in the process. Working with Hanna has given me access to more joy, more gratitude, more GRACE (even and especially when things are crummy), and a deep trust in my self and in the unfolding of my life. I would enthusiastically and ecstatically recommend her as a Spiritual Field Guide. Plus she’s really funny."


Amanda G.

Nonprofit & Wordpress Consultant 

Client for just 2 months

From my first conversation with Hanna I knew this work would be different, I knew she was the real deal. Her ability to hold space and to offer a sincere, integrated approach to spirituality was like opening a present at Christmas as a five year old. The JOY in knowing it is possible to integrate everything I've read and heard and felt into my actual life was nearly overwhelming. Hanna has helped me to put to words so much of what I was experiencing, within a worldview that connected the many dots of my lived-experiences. This framework has allowed me to trust the spiritual process in such a profound way, which was something I truly didn't know was possible to feel. Faith was an elusive concept for me before working with Hanna, now I can feel the essence of faith in a way I never knew was possible. For that, I'm forever grateful to Hanna.

The Spiritual Process with Hanna feels like jumping into a wave, & the more I surrender to the process the more I'm swept away by its power. I can feel a momentum, a force that's guiding me. I now have the words to understand it as it is: Grace. Now, my day-to-day is filled with remembrance and connection. Even in moments of disconnection I can feel the strength of my spiritual roots as they continue to grow. I now have practical practices that guide me back towards connection again and again. Hanna's guidance has been instrumental in working through difficult aspects of the spiritual journey that I otherwise would have felt completely alone in. The ways that this work has permeated every aspect of my life is surprising and incredibly humbling to say the least. It's difficult to put to words how impactful it is. I look forward to continuing in the process with Hanna's support and guidance along the way.


Who am I?

    Hanna Williams [she/her]    

 Initiate and student of Classical Shakta Tantra - [9 years]

 BA in Religious Studies - Naropa University 

 Independent research of World Religion - [12 years]

 Neurotransformational Coaching Elite Coaching University
 Present Centered Relationship Coaching - Jayson Gaddis 

 I was a staunch atheist until I was 19 years old.


Yep, you read that correctly.


I’ve spent my entire life preoccupied with the pursuit of truth; searching for what’s real. Growing up, I was only offered the preferred truth-seeking method of our culture: science. This was the only explaining story I could find aside from Normative Christianity—so, I went with it.

But… how did I shift from denial of God to experience of God?


In essence: I was humbled by the Intelligence of Nature. When I was 19, I met God in a compost heap working on a farm. Soon, my experiences became incongruent with my scientific understanding. I began to realize that science doesn’t allow room for the full-spectrum of human experience. So, as the Divinity within Nature continued to conquer my false sense of knowledge [atheism], I gave more consideration to alternative ways of knowing—ways of knowing that acknowledged the full-spectrum. This led me into 10 years of studying religion, which ultimately landed me in the Tantric tradition I am initiated into today. As my experiences deepened, it became clear to me that there was much more going on than meets the eye. Experience is a key term here because my spiritual turning point was a shift away from belief-systems to experiential-frameworks.


I don’t have beliefs. I have experiences.

I don’t believe in God. I experience Her.


Now, I empower people like you to make this shift through the sophisticated framework of my spiritual tradition [maha śakti yoga] and my 12 years of studying world religion.


What if God was like an old, loving friend

who’s been trying to contact you

and all you need to do is learn how to answer the phone?


I look forward to guiding you through this process. Sometimes the most sophisticated systems are based in the most simple methods. Ultimately, I am here to act as your guide, mentor, and mirror to reflect back all that already exists inside of you [Divine Potentiality].

📚 Ways to learn with me: 

🎒 Enlightenment for Regular People (one year spiritual school)

📿 Entering the Cave of the Heart (six month 1:1 spiritual mentorship)

💫 Online shop (short courses & merch)

💘 Relationship Coaching (book a free consultation!)

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