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Client Success Stories

"Hanna supported me through a challenging phase in my personal life over the course of 3 months, where a lot of change was coming at me - it was all a bit confronting and confusing ! Each session together was like a little sanctuary where it was safe to express what was coming up for me. I felt seen and heard and met where I was at. Hanna offered some simple and effective tools and perspective shifts for grounding and checking in with myself which I'll carry with me going forward, really grateful for that. As well as all of this, Hanna has such a curious and warm way about her, with plenty of humour and patience and the ability to hold the heavy, sticky stuff that can come up in session with a full heart and heaps of understanding. I'm moving through this phase feeling more empowered to face setbacks, with more insight into my habitual patterns when it comes to relating to myself and others and how to meet these idiosyncrasies with openness and kindness. If you're considering trying out relationship coaching I couldn't recommend Hanna enough, so appreciate the time we had together !"

-Molly, Ireland

"Over the course of six sessions, I have released so much anxiety and need for control in my relationship. The questions Hanna asks in sessions have allowed me to dive deeper into my relationship with myself, and discover my own values, strengths and needs. Hanna's wisdom has given me the courage to interrogate what I thought I knew about relationships and how they should be. I thought I wasn't allowed to ask for romance, or it wouldn't be romantic if I had to articulate it. But through working with Hanna, I found romance is a strong value for me - and that when I voice my desire for romance to my boyfriend, he is able to meet my need for it. This is just one example - I honestly left every session feeling equipped with wisdom and tools to improve not only my romantic relationship, but my friendships, too. Working with Hanna was a game changer."

-Caitlin, Canada 

"Hanna was an incredible relationship coach. As a chronically single person who's done the work and is ready to find love, working with her gave me the necessary tools to approach dating in a holistic way. Over the course of six sessions, she was able to support me in defining what I was looking for in an aligned relationship. We also worked on healthy communication, advocating for my needs, and breaking the pattern of overgiving in relationships. I truly enjoyed every session and felt seen, supported, and gently challenged to become a more authentic version of myself when it comes to love. Definitely work with Hanna if you ever get the opportunity!"


-Michelle, USA

“Hanna was always very present, validating, and easy to talk to during the our sessions. She always remembered the small details of our previous discussions and made a point to follow up each week to close the loop on outstanding action items. During our 3 months together, I learned how to recognize and spend time with emotions I experience on a daily basis. This has always been a struggle for me, and I have always suppressed or rushed through various emotions... especially negative feelings experienced in my closest relationships. I received great perspectives from her on dealing with complex issues related to my relationship with my wife. She also assisted in the development of actionable responses I could use to avoid shutting down during relationship confrontations. Unfortunately, I have never been very good at finding joy in life and this has negatively affected my relationships and my mental health. But as a result of my time with Hanna, I learned that experiencing joy in my life is a responsibility that I must embrace on my own. Now, I feel I have new tools to continue to explore that.”

-Rodney, Iraq War Veteran, USA

“Hanna is a delightful lady who built connection right away. She is very intuitive and had lots of insights for me. She didn't let me plow through, keep talking, and miss something significant. She is obviously a gifted coach, and her confidence helped me to relax and feel confident in our work together. She was able to go with the flow of what I came with each time, still keeping the general direction that we had set as a focus. She really felt and encouraged the emotion behind what I was saying. Because of our work together, I feel heard and seen and understood, not so alone, and motivated to move forward. I have some concrete ideas of what to do and some tools to put them into action. Ultimately, I feel more in touch with my feelings, which have been stuffed down for a long time. I feel a fuller range of emotions and am open to feeling them all.”

-Laurie, Canada

"Prior to working with Hanna I had been struggling my entire life with an unrelenting internal stream of unforgiving, cruel self-talk and feelings of undeservingness. I felt paralyzed in place despite my desperate longing to simply feel human; to feel worthy of love, connection and security like anyone else. These internalizations impacted every relationship I had been a part of and I felt incapable of shifting away from the feelings of perceived long-suffering I felt trapped by. I knew I could and I /wanted/ to do better, but I felt I could not move forward alone.


Hanna offered heartfelt, patient, and compassionate guidance as a relationship coach and I could not have been more lucky to work with her. Her gentle inquisition encouraged me to reflect on my unaddressed issues and I felt empowered to confront deeply embedded, old hurts that I previously neglected, even though my emotional pain was begging to be seen. I was taught to recognize, notice, and be present with those feelings I once suppressed and suffocated, and after each subsequent session I discovered more peace, ease, and understanding within myself than I had ever felt before, which then allowed me to better nurture my relationships and even take action towards turning "out-of-reach" dreams into reality.


Without the consistent, empathetic support from Hanna and her softly pushing me to inquire further into myself, my relationship with myself and others would have continued to stagnate and I would still feel lost, resistant, and afraid of real change. Seeing tangible growth in my life after this time with Hanna has left me transformed, I feel less alone within myself and more capable, in awe of how "easy" moving forward really was (thank you, self-effort). After these past three months I am ready to reveal more of my authentic self, eager to embrace my own messiness and complexity, and will practice cultivating deeper feelings of true self-love and self-acceptance. If you are someone who needs a loving friend in your corner and you are ready to be challenged in your personal evolution and relationship with self, Hanna is certainly someone who can help you with that."


-Jayme, USA

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