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Click here ⤴ to join the Wednesday Live Group

I’m so excited to receive you into this space and experience! 

Above are the links to my PayPal where you can send your payment of $275.00 USD.

Enrollment is open ONLY for Wednesday evening.

Please email me if you are interested in a payment plan.

My current offer is in three monthly payment of $91. I will send you the link to subscribe after you email me! :)

After either payment: you’re officially in! 🎉🥂

AND: you’ll get your free .pdf of the book. Isn’t this such an exciting way to start a New Year? I’m truly thrilled, and also honored to be able to host the reading of this text written by a Great Being who inspires me every day. 


Please understand that your payment (either total or payment plan) for the Steiner Reading Room is in full and not at all partially refundable—if you miss a week, you will not be refunded for that particular meeting. But you will of course have access to the recording. We don’t get refunded for missing a class in college, do we?


THANK YOU SO MUCH for being here.

Here’s a little consideration to leave you with today:

From the perspective of Grace—the transformational blessing power of God—any inclination towards any path, method, or restlessness for the Divine is in itself a sacred blessing. Begin to experience that your interest in the Divine is actually a blessing from the Divine. And further, your interest itself IS the Divine. And every step you take towards it points the arrow of your being in that direction—and your effort, even the smallest push, is never lost.  

“Every feeling of true devotion unfolded in the soul produces an inner strength or force that sooner or later leads to [Divine] knowledge.” -Rudolf Steiner 


Take care, and can't wait to meet with you!

Hanna :) 

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