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Free Talk:
How I Navigate Eastern

Spirituality as a White Person 

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Do you feel drawn to a spiritual tradition

that differs from your cultural background?​

As a white person practicing an Eastern religion, the acknowledgment of cultural appropriation hasn't been optional for me – I see it as mandatory given the reality of cultural destruction over the last 500 years (which continues to this day!)


So, it's completely understandable if you have concerns about causing further harm through the exploration of Eastern (or other) traditions.


Most of us are trying to avoid cultural appropriation as best we can. I imagine you're a compassionate person who desires greater harmony and justice in the world, which is a good thing!


However, it can be really frustrating to contemplate these things because it often feels like the hideous face of the past overpowers any potential for growth or transformation in the present.


Even if we avoid cultural appropriation "perfectly," that does little to alleviate the heartbreaking reality of the commodification and annihilation of so many traditions.


Ooooof. 😣


So, what are we to do?


We start by recognizing that cultural appropriation is not as straightforward as it may seem.


In my 10+ years of research & practice, I have learned that some common ideas about cultural appropriation that are slightly misplaced. Some of us end up getting trapped by opinions, rather than the cultural sovereignty of lineage-holders.


There's a big difference.


In this free talk, I'll share about the differences between open and closed traditions, and you may be surprised to learn what "closed" truly means in this context.


We'll also explore examples of Eastern spiritual teachers who freely traveled to America and Europe with the intention of sharing their wisdom with Western students.


They were driven to do this by a pure desire to spread their teachings.


They did not do this through coercion.


That's a major misconception which actually undermines the self-determination of these lineages.


As a white woman, I am obviously presenting this information from my limited perspective, but I feel strongly that the insights I share can benefit anyone drawn to spirituality rooted in a culture different from their own.


I'm happy to offer this talk in an attempt to dissolve any unnecessary worry, reorient necessary concern, and allow you to carry on with your spiritual quest – which may have very little to do with your ethnic heritage.

You don't need to be white/European to benefit from this talk, although you may notice when you listen that I take that tilt in my speaking. This talk is for anyone of any ethnic background who is interested in a tradition that is based in a different background, period!

  How to get the talk:  

To get started, drop your email address below to get the talk sent immediately to your inbox.

Over the next several days, you'll see some emails from me sharing more about the tradition I am apart of and how it has benefitted my life through various teachings.


You'll even get a discount code for my online school Enlightenment for Regular People if you stick around. 😉

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