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alright, alright...

You're realizing how important it is to have a regular, dedicated spiritual practice. 
The only problem is... don't know where to start!


Fear not! That's where I come in.

I love to help people to find routines, rituals, and practices that actually work for them. During your 1 hour consultation with me, we will reflect on your unique spiritual temperament, and brainstorm effective solutions to support your process. Consultations are $115 and payment is processed as you schedule below. 

To help to prepare for our session, here are some questions to reflect on: 

🌱 1.) What have you already tried?  

🌱 2.) What are your spiritual goals? It's okay if you're not sure. I would be happy to help you to get more clear on that, as well! 

🌱 3.) What feels like the biggest obstacle to maintaining a regular practice? 


I want our time together to be efficient and effective. Your consideration of these prompts will allow us to find great solutions during our call. AND, we'll go so much deeper! Trust me. :) 


I look forward to seeing your name on my calendar. ♡ 

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