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Bringing a friend to Grace 101? 

How fun! Use these prompts to generate inspiring conversation and meaningful connection. There are A LOT of questions, you don't have to go through all of them! Scan through them and talk about what feels most exciting. 


🌱 Questions for the friend who has already taken this course:

🌱 How has your understanding of Grace changed/transformed in the time since you first took this course?

🌱  What was new for you this time?

🌱 Did you make any new connections? 

🌱 Was there anything you didn't like about this new version?

🌱 Any ah-ha! moments?

Share your thoughts with your friend!


🌱 The point of the spiritual path is to come into deeper awareness of the immanence of God; and to ultimately become an expression of that. 

🌱 How does that definition feel?

🌱 Is it too simple? Should it be more complex? 

🌱 How would you re-phrase this definition in your own words? 

🌱 How can you apply this understanding to your daily life? 

🌱 Given what you learned during DAY ONE, where does Grace come into this definition? 

🌱 Where does the concept of "suffering" come in to the purpose of life?

🌱 What does suffering MEAN!?


🌱 Look back on your life to a challenging time that ultimately led to transformation.

🌱 Discuss what happened: How long did it take for you to realize you were being transformed? Did it come in hindsight, or in the midst of it? 

🌱 Imagine the lives of the king & the merchant, can you relate with what they experienced ?

🌱 Do we have to find spiritual meaning in what we are experiencing? When is it okay to not look for the meaning? 

🌱 Is the spiritual meaning we experience in our life something that we navigate to internally, or should people outside of us tell us why we are experiencing what we are experiencing? What are the pros and cons to each? How do we decide? 

🌱 How does the teaching of Grace potentially eliminate the need to find specific meaning in our experience? 

🌱 Have you ever experienced a challenging situation that ultimately led you to ask deeper questions about the nature of reality?

🌱 Have you ever experienced a challenging situation that ultimately led you to feel closer to God? 

🌱 Do you feel God more intensely during periods of challenge, or during periods of ease? No wrong answer. 

🌱 How does the concept of God's Compassion help to alleviate the stress of life's challenges? If the Mother is ultimately trying to help us to remember Her, how can we begin to consciously remember Her through the challenges we experience? The relationship is reciprocal. How will you resolve to remain in remembrance?


🌱 Had you ever heard of Grace before taking this course? 

🌱 What did you think it meant before class started? 

🌱 Every religion seems to have their own explanation of Grace, what definitions had you heard before? 

🌱 If you've heard of Grace from a purely Christian context, how is this understanding of Grace different? How is it similar? 

🌱 What misconceptions did you have about this idea prior to class?


🌱 Prior to class, were you under the impression that your spiritual awakening was SOLELY your responsibility? Based entirely on your own self-effort and determination? 

🌱 What does it feel like to consider the opposite--that your awakening is actually dependent upon a force "outside" of yourself? 

🌱 How would this shift impact your daily life? 

🌱 How would this shift impact your nervous system? 



🌱 How do you feel about the concept of the Divine Mother?

🌱 Why the Divine Mother? What about Divine Father? Discuss.

🌱 What do you like or dislike about that narrative? 

🌱 What purpose does metaphor serve in our spiritual life? 

🌱 Talk about the archetype of Mother: What is the ideal Mother like? 

🌱 How could connecting with the archetype of deep, compassionate motherliness support your day to day life? 

🌱 How could imagining yourself as an eternal child of The Mother help in your spiritual process? 


🌱 Tell eachother, in your own words, what Grace is. Define it in your own way based off of what you learned! 

[P.S.: This ^^ is a powerful exercise! It will help you to recall the concept better than just memorizing my definition. 😉 ]

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