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Looking for Spiritual Clarity?

Do you ever feel too lost to even get started?

How could you not be? Navigating spirituality online can be overwhelming, especially when you're bombarded with information from every angle, unsure of what resonates or where these ideas originate.

I started like that, too. I've studied a lot: the Western Occult, Mystical Islam, Tibetan Buddhism, regular old Christianity, and many of the traditions that live between & betwixt. 

Ultimately, I've grounded myself into classical tantra, which is hands down one of the most misrepresented spiritual paths on earth. 

Let me guess, when you read "tantra," you thought of sex, didn't you? 🤭

Bingo. That's exactly what I'm talking about.

Now, there's nothing inherently problematic about integrating sex into spiritual practice. From the tantric perspective, the very thought of something being a problem... is the problem. 😉

But here's the real issue: as Eastern wisdom has collided with Western culture, depth and nuance have been lost in translation.

The profound teachings of tantra have been watered down, distorted, and divorced from their true origins.

So... you wander into a metaphysical bookshop, hoping to find answers to your soul's deepest questions. 🌌


And instead, you're met with spiritual self-help books that barely scratch the surface, full of quick-fixes that leave you feeling unfulfilled and confused. 😵‍💫

This is why I created Enlightenment for Regular People, to help you cut through the noise, stop the confusion, and ground yourself in a spiritual path that works for you

And don't worry. I'm not trying to convert you. I've helped people from all religious backgrounds deepen their personal practices. It doesn't matter who you are; you can grow here.

E4RP is a roadmap to explore your spiritual path with grounded integrity & purpose. 

My accessible, down-to-earth talks have helped over 1200 people. Rooted in classical tantra and long-term experience, expect resonant truths, not vague platitudes or outdated dogma.

Welcome to E4RP, where ancient wisdom meets modern insight, and your spiritual journey becomes a lived reality.

Real experiences from real students.​ ⤵

❤️‍🔥 Spiritual Relationships 101 

Are you ready to change your perspective on love (for the better?!)


In this series of talks, you'll explore romantic love as a catalyst for your spiritual growth.


These talks also provide practical tools for building successful partnerships based on shared values, open communication, and personal growth.


If you're ready to embark on a journey that will change the way you view love and relationships, Spiritual Relationships 101 is the module for you.

❤️‍🔥 Understanding the Divine Feminine and Masculine 

If tantra is the most misunderstood, the Divine Feminine and Masculine are 2nd runner up.


Students have loved this series of talks and are often amazed at how different the traditional understanding is from the common usage. 

Over the course of 3 talks, you'll explore the dynamic interplay between shiva and shakti, uncovering the deeper meanings behind these fundamental principles. Oh and btw, they have very little to do with gender. 

❤️‍🔥 Devotion 101 

In this heart-opening course on Devotion, you'll embark on the journey of cultivating a deep, loving relationship with the Divine. This is what bhakti is all about (and it's not just iced chai). 🧋


Devotion 101 nudges you to ask deeper questions about the source of your existence, helping you to expand your experience of love & gratitude beyond the mundane and into the realm of the sacred.


By the end of this course, you'll have meaningful tools to transform your daily life into a continuous act of worship, infusing every moment with awareness of Divine presence.

↓ Modules my students love 

Out of the 27 modules in E4RP, these three are the most popular. However, even my students struggle to pick their favorites because they can feel how all of the modules work together to guide them on their path.

Here's what you get inside: 

2-3 hours of talks per module 

reflection questions and exercises

twice a month Q&A sessions 

discounted 1:1 calls

lifetime access 

Paying in full gets you the whole course right away.

Payment plan releases one module every two weeks for one year. 


DISCLAIMER: E4RP is not a passive listening experience. 😉

Every talk features reflection questions or exercises, designed to help you to unite the teachings with your daily life.


My carefully organized curriculum is an invitation to not only learn about spiritual philosophy, but to also put it into practice.


Pay in Full

and get access to

the entire course


excl tax

Payment Plan

and receive modules

every 2 weeks. 

$45 x 12

excl tax

If you bought each talk in this program separately,
it would add up to over $1250 in value.

Don't just take my word for it—
see what my students have to say. 

The curriculum:

1.) Enlightenment for Regular People 2.) Grace 101: The Philosophy of the Divine Mother 3.) Grace 101: Putting Philosophy into Practice  4.) The Ego 101  5.) Understanding Spiritual Materialism 6.) Working on your beliefs & "state of being" 7.) Devotion 101: How to Become a Devotee 8.) Devotion 101: Why it Matters 9.) Unpacking Sin 🔥 10.) PRAYER 101: Demystifying a Misunderstood Practice 11.) Building a Devotional Altar  12.) Understanding the Divine Feminine & Masculine  13.) Meditation Instruction: Part One 14.) Meditation Instruction: Part Two  15.) Understanding Karma 16.) The Truth About Spiritual Bypassing  17.) DREAMS!  18.) Spiritual "Obstacles:" DESIRE 19.) Spiritual "Obstacles:" Money & Social Media 20.) Sense Impressions & Daily Spiritual Life 21.) Spiritual "Obstacles:" Your Emotions!!!! 22.) Working with Anger, Guilt, & Shame 23.) SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIPS 101: The Yoga of Love  24.) SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIPS 101: What *actually* makes a relationship work 25.) The True Meaning of Self-Mastery 26.) The Divine Comedy 27.) Closing messages ♡

E4RP is spirituality that's actually relevant
to your modern life. 

As the course progresses, you will feel... 

1.) More flexible and gentle in your day-to-day life. Challenges you face will be perceived as avenues for your personal evolution


2.) Life will begin to feel more inherently trustworthy. However you define "faith" in this moment, rest assured it will be renewed and redefined by the end of the year. 

3.) Your experience of God will feel less distant. God is closer to you than your own jugular vein. Don't believe it? Well, that's what E4RP is for. 


4.) More engaged in your spiritual process with new tools and perspectives to carry you forward on your Divine Quest. 

Pay in Full


Payment Plan



​​Q: What is included in each module? A: Each module includes 1-3 lessons + an occasional action step. In each lesson is a 1-3 hour talk, which includes an introduction and reflection questions. You will get the most out of this program by considering the questions journal-style. Q: What if I can't make it to the live Q&As?  A: If you cannot attend live Q&As, you can drop your questions into a question bank that I will review during the calls, time permitting. Q: Why the 2 week release schedule for modules? A: Two reasons. 1.) To make the course material more accessible. 2.) Because true spiritual development TAKES TIME! :) I structure my mentorship work the same way; meeting every two weeks. If you’re engaged with the content, you’ll notice that 2 weeks isn’t enough time to really practice what you’re learning, anyway. ;) Q: Can I access modules early? A: Only if you pay in full! Q: Do I have to convert to your religion to benefit from this program?  A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! As you will learn, the spiritual tradition I teach from is simply *one approach* towards deepening your relationship with God. My work has impacted not just yogis, but also Christians, Muslims, and Magical pracitioners. What I teach is a form of mysticism, direct experiencing of God. This philosophy transcends the boundaries of any particular religion, so E4RP can benefit anyone of any background, so long as they’re down with the “everything is God” approach. Q: Do I have to believe in God?  A: To get the most out of this program, existing faith in God is necessary. And not only that, faith that God is *everything,* not just a distant entity in the sky. I am quite unapologetic about using the term “God” throughout my teaching. However, God can mean many things: the Universe, Source, Divine Intelligence, Cosmic Love, etc. So long as you’re down with *that,* you’re a great fit for the program. Q: How much time will this program take each module? A: Each module includes 2-3 hours of recordings. Most people tend to listen to my talks in spurts because they’re so dense with information. So, expect to spend about 5 hours every module, including time spent reflecting on the questions. Q: What happens if life events impact keeping up? A: That’s totally fine! If you select the payment plan, the modules will continue to release on schedule and you can approach them at whatever pace works for you. Q: How essential is "homework"? Can I skip exercises but listen to talks? A: I will not be reviewing your notes or reflections. That’s all on you! You will get out exactly what you put in to this program. Q: How is this program different from your past offerings? A: Great question! Firstly, I’ve never put all of my work into one place before. And, compared to my previous membership site, my talks were not in any particular order and did not include reflection question or distinct exercises. If you consider the total value of the program [$1250], this is actually my most accessible offer yet. Q: Can I get a refund if it's not a fit? A: I do not offer full refunds, however: If you sign up to make payments, you can cancel your membership at any time. If you pay in full, you can email me and we can work out a partial refund based on how deep into the program you are. Q: Will talks stay accessible if I cancel my payment plan membership early? A: No, if you cancel your payment plan early, you will lose access to the site. If you complete at 12 payments, you will keep access forever. Q: Can I download talks to listen offline? A: You can download audio but not video.

The E4RP Experiment:

Setting up your spiritual lab 🧪

E4RP is ultimately an experiment for your consciousness: when you sign up, you enter into the laboratory of your lived-experiences, tinkering with new philosophies and practices, noticing what works and what doesn't. 👩‍🔬


But here's the thing... 


...just listening to my talks won't get you the results you're looking for. You need to engage with them through contemplation, reflection, and action.

You don't have to wait to sign up to begin.


Get a piece of paper and start right now:

  1. Breathe into inquiry: Take a few deep breaths, inhaling slowly through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. With each breath, allow yourself to settle into the present moment. As you continue to breathe, bring to mind the question: "What does it actually mean to see God in all things?"

  2. Examine your spiritual process: Consider your unique spiritual path. What practices, beliefs, or experiences have shaped your journey thus far? How do you currently engage with spirituality in your daily life? What areas of your spiritual practice feel authentic and alive, and what areas might benefit from further exploration?

  3. Reflect and integrate: Visualize yourself engaging with life's experiences consciously and compassionately. Imagine building frameworks and practices for accessing inner resilience, wisdom, and discernment amidst life's ups and downs. How does this integration feel in your body and mind?

The way you set up an experiment directly impacts the outcome, and the spiritual laboratory is your life itself.


You're living regardless of what you do, so... how will you live?


You have more choice than you may believe, and I'm thrilled to offer you new perspectives and possibilities.

I hope to see you in our Q&A sessions soon, where we can dive even deeper into these concepts and explore how they apply to your unique journey.


Trust me, it's gonna be a fun ride! 😉 ♡

Pay in Full


Payment Plan


E4RP is process oriented,

not product oriented.

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