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Sunday, February 6th @ 3PM MST

Length: approx. 2.5 hours (with a short break) 

Location: ZOOM

Cost: $33 


Grace wears 
the mask

and eagerly waits to see
if you'll recognize Her.

Instead of: "I create my own reality."

Try: "Everything arranges itself around the primary movement of my life."

What if: The way that you look at something has a direct influence on what you are able to access within what you are looking at?

What if: The concept of "I create my own reality" is actually a misapplication of a deeper spiritual truth?

This truth is the heart of all the great paths. 

This truth is about accessing Grace.

What if: There is actually a force in your life whose only job is to wake you up? A force that endlessly works with the goal of bringing you back to a state of union with the Creator;

with Consciousness. 

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What if: There are just some people who mistakenly harness this force of awakening purely for their own material benefit?And what if they knew that we are actually given personal power to push us forward, towards God? 

So, what if instead: The greater movement of your life became one of restlessness for God?

And then, this force arranged everything you need to achieve Unionaround that?

What if: "everything you need" to attain this Union includes struggles, challenges, and tests? and what if what's missing from "I create my own reality" is the awakening power that is working in the guise of these hardships? 

What if: the experience of being transformed for the better through life's challenges meant that you've already been touched by this force? 

This force is Graceanugraha अनुग्रह


So... what if:
You came to the

GRACE 101 seminar
on February 6th?

Here's what to expect:

Q: How will you start?

Q: What will you talk about?

Q: What will I walk away with?

A: I will begin our time together with a short grounding meditation to encourage us to enter the space with renewed clarity. And then, I will go right into giving my talk about Grace!

A: Grace! Grace! Grace! It's a complicated concept, but to start: I'll offer a spiritual worldview through which we can begin to understand the workings of Grace, some key concepts to better reveal this ever-present force in our lives, some traditional and historical frameworks to better elucidate the workings of Modern Manifestation (which is hinged on Grace,) and the ways in which we can become more receptive to this force in our lives for the purpose of not only accelerating our development as Spiritual aspirants, but to ultimately ground this pursuit in a desire to be of benefit to the entire Web of Life. And: There will be time for your questions. :)  

A: You will walk away with a new framework with which to recognize and court Grace. This seminar includes actionable suggestions to begin to become more receptive to this force. The seminar will be recorded and saved into a Google drive folder that can accessed for one week. So, if you register but need to miss it for whatever reason, you'll still be able to see the replay. However, I would be remiss to say that you will totally understand Grace after our time together. Consider this your introduction. Like all true esoteric teachings, some ideas need to simmer in our souls before their true weight and meaning become apparent to us. So, consider this the trailhead to an entirely new (yet ancient) orientation to the pathwhich is in fact, the heart of all spiritual endeavors. 

Q: I'm in! How do I register?

A: Register below! Registration will close at 11AM MST on Sunday, February 6th. To join the seminar, payment is due before then.  

how to register:

Follow the paypal link to pay $33 to reserve your spot in the seminar. 

And that's it: You're in! 🎉🥂

PLEASE NOTE: You will NOT receive a confirmation email. The only email you will receive after payment is the zoom link invitation at 12PM the day of the seminar.

IMPORTANT: You will be sent this link to the email that is linked to your PayPal account. If you want the zoom link sent to a different email, please email me after payment and I will update your email on my attendance list. 

Your payment is non-refundable. If you miss the seminar, you will have access to the replay for one week.
  Click here to send your payment of     $33 and reserve your spot!  

is closed. <3


So excited,
see you there!

Will attending Grace 101 be a legitimate financial strain for you? 

I am happy to offer scholarships for Grace 101. If the class fee would present a problem for you financially, please email me and say that you are interested in a scholarship. There is no need to state the details of your situation. However, you will not receive a confirmation email unless you have been given a scholarship. If you receive a scholarship, you will receive a confirmation email on Friday, February 4th and then be included in the zoom invitation email with everyone else on February 6th. 

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