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February 28th & March 7th 

6-8pm MST both days

sign up includes the recording 


go outside & touch grass


The Earth isn't mad at you.

In fact, She is patiently waiting for you to finally reconnect with Her. 

It seems that the narrative of our era is that humans are the problem. And it's an easy conclusion to draw. We, in our belligerent genius, have landed our Earth in a precarious situation.


But who is "we?" 

Humans lived harmoniously with the Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, but as history shows: the agricultural revolution inadvertently ripped us from something, and has led to the many ills of Western Civilization. So, it's not that humans are the problem. A Western, objectifying & mechanistic approach to the Earth has been the problem. And the question remains: Where do we go from here? 

We reenchant our view of the Earth

Earth-based spirituality has always been the "religion" of Common People. In fact, Western organized religion was historically a bureaucratic, manual-ridden high tower that was in many ways inaccessible to the low literacy, under educated, & working class people who made up most of society. Most of the population relied instead upon the book of Nature, and intuitively knew how to commune with land spirits & regional deities. The "religion" of Common People was centered around living in harmony with the cycles of the Earth. This "religion" is the birthright of every human being, and in most cultures outside of the West this awareness remains in-tact. 

The natural role of a human being is

to Steward the Earth. 


This role has simply been forgotten. But it can easily be remembered. Our goal with this course is to help those of us who feel disconnected to de-mystify & de-gatekeep the "religion" of Common People, with the ulitmate goal of reenchanting the earth. 


It is our firm belief that trees, pastures, and moss-covered boulders are desperate for us to reconnect with them. They aren't mad at you. They're waiting, patiently & lovingly, to feel your warm hands upon them once again. 


Tuesday February 28th, 2023
6-8pm MST
Tuesday, March 7th, 2023
6-8pm MST
What to ex
pect on DAY ONE: 
🌱 The urgent need for us to reenchant the Earth.
🌱 Learning how to read the landscape.
🌱 Finding the natural homes of our spirit allies.
 Extending a sense of feeling loved into nature.
 Reading the language of Earth's symbolism.
🌱 Q&A at the end of both days

+ Exercises to try between sessions!

What to expect on DAY TWO: 
🌱 Intro to Plant Phenomenology.
 Planetary influences on plants.
 The role of moon cycles on plants.
 The magical power of collecting DIRT!
🌱 How to
 earth cleanse.

About your instructors:
Connor Marvin is a geomancer & an initiated Druid.
Hanna Williams is a Classical Tantra initiate & Biodynamic practitioner.
This course is for you if: 
➵ You are CRAVING not just connection to the Earth, but a grounded, spiritual approach towards doing so.
➵ You struggle with feeling like your very existence as a human being is an irreconcilable problem within nature. You wonder: "Do trees even want me to love them? How do I show up without causing more harm?"  
➵ You feel isolated and without purpose. There is no faster way to begin to heal such painful feelings than building a connection with your local ecosystem. 

Stoked? Register below!  
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So excited!
See you there.

Will attending this course be a legitimate financial strain for you? 

Please email me to "pay what you can." There is no need to state the details of your situation. "Pay what you can" students will be accepted on a limited basis and will be notified by email if they are accepted. 
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