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The Ordinary Liberation Talks


10/25 - 11/15

6:30-7:30pm MST


[includes recording]

Every Wednesday for 4 weeks


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Can ordinary people become

What is enlightenment?


Is it something you actually want to achieve? How can you be sure? Is liberation only possible for those with the freedom to devote their entire existence to the spiritual journey?


could there be an everyday flavor of liberation accessible to...everyone?


Looking around it my seem like only privileged people with time to pursue a “spiritual” life have access to things like enlightenment and liberation. But, that’s B.S.


There absolutely is an everyday flavor of liberation that is accessible to all—and I want to share it with you. 

Join me on the path to
ordinary liberation. 

Ordinary Liberation is a spiritual approach to life that anyone can embrace. 

Enlightenment isn't just for hermits on mountain peaks. Certain aspects of spiritual liberation are readily accessible to ordinary people like you and me. You don't need to memorize scripture or move into a monastery to be impacted by spiritual truths.


You can begin feeling huge shifts NOW by simply relating differently to a few specific aspects of your day-to-day life.

Call it: spirituality that's actually relevant to your modern life. 

The Ordinary Liberation Talks


October 25th

Enlightenment for Regular People

November 1st

Understanding Karma, or: How to Not be Angry at God

November 8th

Emotions: Befriending the Full-Spectrum of Your Experience

November 15th

Learning How to Live: Spirituality in Daily Life. 

Wednesday nights

6:30-7:30pm MST 

These talks will NOT be available for sale in my shop!

By the end of these talks, you'll have an improved grasp of certain spiritual principles & perspectives that will simplify your life, without the need for monastic existence.

These talks are for all kinds of regular people: 

  • The Seeker: You're already searching for answers and a deeper connection to Life, but need teachings that are relevant to everyday existence.

  • The  Skeptic: Even if you're skeptical, these talks will offer practical wisdom that can significantly enhance your life experience, regardless of your beliefs.

  • The Curious Mind: You're neither a seeker nor skeptic. You're simply curious about the world of spirituality. You are welcome here to explore and learn with me!

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About your instructor: Hanna Williams is a Classical Tantra initiate & spiritual mentor. 

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Will attending this course be a legitimate financial strain for you? 

Please email me to "pay what you can." There is no need to state the details of your situation. "Pay what you can" students will be accepted on a limited basis and will be notified by email if they are accepted. 
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