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My religion and how I came to it.

Updated: Mar 5

Q: What's your religion? How did you got involved with this specific path and not others?

A: I have been initiated into a classical [traditional] shakta [Goddess] tantric tradition since 2015. Not the "tantra" that's all about sex, just to be clear. 😂 This tradition is based around the power of Grace and the guru/disciple relationship; thus I have a guru. My entire practice is based around courting Grace and acting in service to my teacher and ashram.

In 2015 I fell in love with a guy who was already part of the tradition, and it's been history from there. I tell the story of how I got here on my youtube channel, you can check it out here.

I got involved with this specific path because it worked for me; it was effective. Through meditation and association with our ashram, I began to develop more self-mastery, equanimity, compassion, and self-reliance. It has utterly transformed my life.


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