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If "God is everything," where does Christianity fit in?

Updated: Mar 5

Q: What I'm thinking about is, if God is all of it, couldn't God be Christianity, too? Or "Church" and the community therein? Is there more than one way?

A: Yes! You're right, God is Christianity, too! There is absolutely more than one way! In fact, I have a spiritual mentee who is Christian. She isn't working with me to "become a tantric." She's working with me to see how tantric philosophy could actually deepen her Christian faith and devotional approach. It's totally wild what's possible through mysticism!

I'm not sure how long you've been in my space, but I do not purport to have the best religion. The religion I teach about is just a VERY good option if you're interested in seeing and serving God in all things. But there are many paths that are similar and just as effective.

Actually, last night at the Ashram my guru said something like: "If there was some Christian guy down the street who was sharing eternal Truths and passing Grace to his students, I'd be down there hanging out with him."

The point is that it's all about what's available in whatever path you engage with. With strong devotion; the presence of God can be felt in virtually any situation. I actually went to Church with my friend a few weeks ago and felt the presence quite strongly. As Goddess Saraswati said in Vasishta's yoga: "If one is doing devotional practices, and I appear to them, then they falsely believe that I’m favoring them. In truth, it’s their own approach and their own devotion that has drawn Me to come to them." Basically, God appears wherever invoked.

There is certainly more than one way, but if that's the case, it's important to get VERY clear on where you want to go.

There are thousands of religions that yield many different results in consciousness; all more or less valuable depending on what you want from your life.

So, what do you want to experience spiritually? Can Christianity provide that to you? Do you know Christian's who have what you want? There are "yogi" Christian's out there for sure, I've met them. And by "yogi" I mean a seeker of God in everything.


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