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Q: has developments in modern cosmology (big bang, universe expansions, etc) impacted the spiritual viewpoint (if at all)?

A: I can't remember which scientist this was... but he was a muslim. He was asked if his research ever impacted his religious view, and he just replied: "Everything I see, study, and research is the glory of Allah."

I think this question makes the understandable assumption that spiritual views are "behind" science because in some ways, religious systems have historically been "explaining systems" to understand the universe, the world, and our place in it. And of course, when we throw fundamentalism into the mix, it gets even weirder because people cling ONLY to these explaining stories, rather than taking a view that allows for both the progression of materialist science, AND the progression of the science of human consciousness (spirituality.)

However, if you dig into various mystical traditions (kashmir shaivism, for example), or even the view points of many Indigenous systems of knowledge, it sometimes seems like science is catching up with spirituality.

So sometimes these so-called "developments" in modern cosmology have practitioners of pre-enlightenment wisdom clapping their hands like: Way to go. We've been saying this for thousands of years.

The way I see it, any development in science is a development in the evolution of Consciousness. So yeah, "everything I see, study, and research is the glory of Allah."

I'm not keeping track of the details of what's happening in the cutting edge of physics, but from what I can glean, it seems like there's a movement towards an understanding that Consciousness exists PRIOR to matter, not the other way around. The other way around is how it's been for the last 500 years. So, for researchers to begin to reach that understanding is the exact way that science is catching up with spirituality.

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