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Red Flags to Look for in a Spiritual Teacher [PART 2]

Sunday, August 7th @ 3PM MST


Hanna Williams (organic.abundance)

Length: approx. 2 hours (with a short break) 

Location: ZOOM

Cost: sliding scale $15-30-45 (see below for details) 


Registration includes the recording!


In part one
we learned that the Guru is not the personality. 
In part two, we'll learn about important traits to look for [and avoid] in their personality. 

Navigating the teacher/student relationship is naturally complicated because there are two dynamics at play: 
1.) the Guru Principle/the power of revealment
[the topic of PART ONE] and 

2.) the personality that the Teacher Principle is carried through.

However, when we can learn to consciously separate and identify these two aspects, we can make informed decisions about how we want to interact with and receive these figures. This way, we can still potentially court Grace [even through an imperfect teacher], while at the same time remain in integrity in our own being.
The greatest skill to develop on the spiritual path is to be able to separate the juice from the glass the juice is in. The juice is the power of revealment, the glass is the humanity of the being who is passing it to you.

Once this skill is developed, wisdom and transformation can be gleaned from virtually any source. Simultaneously, we also need a framework of discernment to properly judge the humanity of a teacher. In this class, I'll be sharing my advice about what to look for, in the spirit of supporting your spiritual process.

Q: How will we start?

Q: What will you talk about?

Q: What will I walk away with?

Q: I'm in! How do I register?

A: We will begin our time together with a short grounding meditation to encourage us to enter the space with renewed clarity. And then, I will go right into giving my talk!

A: Here's the structure of the class

1.) Discussing what a "cult" is from the religious studies perspective and comparing that to the modern usage of the word. 

2.) The three "types" of spiritual teacher through a "Gunic" lens. 

3.) And nearly 20 red flags 🚩 to look out for. 

4.) Time for Q&A 

A: You will walk away with MANY new tools of discernment to be able to judge the spiritual teachers and communities you encounter on your own journey. One of the things that makes me a unique teacher is my long-term position within the guru/disciple relationship. So, when I am speaking, I am sharing from a place that not only values the integrity of lineage-based spirituality, but is also situated within the lived-experience of it. I have also been in a spiritual community for as long as I've been a disciple, so I have a deep understanding of the positive and negatives dynamics that can arise in that sort of a context. I am blessed to be apart of a healthy community and to learn under the guidance of a healthy and supportive teacher, which stands in stark contrast to the many stories and realities others have faced in their own spiritual communities. 

In addition to all of this: You'll also walk away with the recording of our time together. :) :) :) :) 

A: The registration form is below! I am happy to offer a sliding-scale registration fee for this class. Please select the option [between $15-45] that best reflects what you are able to comfortably afford.  

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So excited,
see you there!

Will attending this class be a legitimate financial strain for you? 

Please review my tiered sliding-scale pricing. If my lowest tier still wouldn't work for you, I am happy to offer scholarships for all of my classes. If the lowest class fee would present a problem for you financially, please email me and say that you are interested in a scholarship. There is no need to state the details of your situation. However, you will not receive a confirmation email unless you have been given a scholarship. If you receive a scholarship, you will receive a confirmation email on Friday, July 22nd that will include your zoom link for class. 

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