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Join us in the
Steiner Reading Room!

If you're interested in joining us for the group reading of How to Know Higher Worlds, you're in the right place! 

Registration for the live group is closed.
Another round will begin in May.

Want to join my waitlist
for the next cohort? 
Just email me to get earlybird access
once registration opens! 

I look forward to seeing your message ! 😃 

Before then, you can always gain access to the recordings:

Starting the first week of January we will begin an 11 week journey through the 11 chapters of this incredible text, facilitated by me.


My background:

I began my study of anthroposophy in 2011 when I was trained in Biodynamic Agriculture, Steiner's spiritualized approach to the cultivation of plants and animals. I also consider myself to be part of a lineage of Anthroposophists—members of my own family have been devotedly studying Steiner for 50+ years, including a relative who started the first Waldorf boarding school in the United States—High Mowing in New Hampshire. I also wrote my undergraduate thesis on the role of ritual in Biodynamic Agriculture and the need for our culture to give serious consideration to subjective methods of knowing truth. My undergraduate degree focused on the study of esoteric world religions. I consider myself “literate” in Anthroposophy—Steiner’s lectures are notoriously difficult to understand. I also have 7 years of experience on a similar but different spiritual path, and can help to frame what he is describing based off of my personal experiences on the path. 

About Anthroposophy:

From Greek— Anthropos (man) Sophia (wisdom):

The wisdom of humanity and the human experience.

Anthroposophy is a path of knowledge and spiritual research developed by Rudolf Steiner in the early 20th century. Anthroposophy is a method of inquiry, or a path of personal & embodied research, rather than a fixed set of religious doctrines. The idea is that certain methods of knowing can lead to hidden experiences of Higher Worlds—or, the Divine. From the Anthroposophical perspective, accessing the spiritual realms is the birthright of every human being. BUT: there are certain practices and orientations one must take to crack open the subtle eyes and ears that are able to sense them. Anthroposophy—and specifically How to Know Higher Worlds—offers a clear framework and introduction to the path to get there.

In his lifetime, Steiner completed 330 spiritual works, spanning virtually every subject of Human life: education for adults and children, architecture, art and art therapy, food and farm, civil planning, and even visioning for an ideal structure of society and economy (the three-fold social order).


His approach to agriculture was my first exposure to his philosophy, and what continuously draws me to his work is his emphasis on the power of embodied observation and the legitimacy of the feelings that arise through it. Feelings are actually a fact within the Anthroposophical worldview. This has been an incredibly healing realization for me as a person with a trauma history related to childhood gaslighting and emotional abuse. Now, I realize that the way I feel about things actually does matter, but beyond that: my feeling world is in itself a path to accessing deeper truths about reality. What How to Know Higher Worlds offers is a container for us to refine ourselves in such a way that we can disentangle the messy feelings from the insightful feelings. Getting there takes effort for sure, but we truly can become like crystal pools of wisdom—first we must still our minds and bodies in such a way that the waves and ripples on our surfaces can settle. Then: we can gaze through the clear waters, and see what treasures have been hidden there all along. The gifts of the Higher Worlds.

About How to Know Higher Worlds:

This text is not just about reading a description of the spiritual path. It suggests that we actually live into the description of it. Anthroposophy is a full-bodied and integral Western philosophical tradition that emphasizes the importance of maintaining our duties and commitments to the world while also developing ourselves spiritually. Outlined in this text is a three-fold path of self-initiation, saturated with practices to train the mind and body to become more receptive to the reality of the Spiritual World. Framed by an intense, humanistic morality—Steiner takes us on a journey to refine ourselves into our innate Wholeness, but also become resilient beings who are prepared to serve the world with our new understanding. 

As your facilitator, I will help to bring Steiner’s articulation into the context of 2022. I am here to answer questions, easy and hard, and to relate what he tells us to my personal journey as a student and seeker through my many years of experience studying a similar but different path, all supplemented by my own intellectual study of world religion.


The Steiner Reading Room is for people who: 

  • Are interested in the western occult, but want something that emphasizes morality and personal development. 

  • Are interested in the observation of Nature as a path. 

  • Are interested in learning more about Anthroposophy—this is the perfect introduction. 

  • Are confused by the notion of the spiritual path, and want to experience what a framework towards spiritual growth is actually like. 

  • Who desire to be in community to others who are aspirants.

Final words:

Reading How to Know Higher Worlds one time will not make you a master. Practicing, integrating, and living the practices outlined by this text will most certainly refine you into a master after many, many years of practice—if you make it your priority. This is not just the case for Anthroposophy. This is the case for every spiritual approach. If we really want to see results, we must put the spiritual cart in front of the horse of our egos. I would like to invite participants to consider this reading a survey of the path, but to return to each chapter and lesson many many many times once we have finished. It WILL be overwhelming and go by very quickly. But remember: you have the rest of your life to put these practices into use. And what a gift it is to be given real guidance! 


There are two tiers available for the Steiner Reading Room:

1.) The live Reading Room group

a limited size cohort who are committed to meeting weekly for 11 weeks to discuss the book and try specific practices. 

What you get:

  • The opportunity to be in live community with others who are studying, learning, and being transformed by this text for nearly 3 months.

  • My direct attention as I attune to your process through questions, musings, reflections, and even challenges. 

  • A worksheet every week to deepen your experience through questions and specific practices to try. There will also be supplemental material--recorded lectures from other Spiritual teachers, videos, essays, links to helpful websites with additional information, etc etc.

  • A private online community where questions and discussions can take place in between meetings. 

  • Lifetime access to the recorded lectures (of both live groups) and all worksheets that are uploaded to the host platform.

  • A free .pdf of the book to jump start your reading. 

Registration for the Live Group is closed, our next round will begin in April 2022.

However, you can join the Self-Directed group at any time! 


2.) The self-directed Reading Room group

an unlimited size group who can access recordings and other materials at their own pace. 

What you get:

  • Lifetime access to the recorded lectures (of both live groups) and all worksheets that are uploaded to the host platform.

  • A worksheet every week to deepen your experience through questions and specific practices to try. There will also be supplemental material--recorded lectures from other Spiritual teachers, videos, essays, links to helpful websites with additional information, etc etc.

  • A free .pdf of the book to jump start your reading. 

Cost: $55 paid in full for unlimited access OR $5.55/week for 11 weeks payment plan available.


All participants in each tier will have lifetime access to the recordings and further recordings that are added to the group as new cohorts take on the material. 

Live groups will be held over zoom.

Join us today! Doors close on December 21st—winter solstice. And don’t fret about getting the book in time. All participants will be given a free .pdf of the entire book that can be used throughout the course of reading, or to supplement the reading before a hard copy arrives. Although, I do recommend having an actual book to study, for the sake of getting away from screens and enhanced concentration. Whichever the method, harness whatever helps you to take in information the best! 

I look forward to hearing from you. :)

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