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curating sacred spaces around and within you

Wednesday August 30th

6-8:30pm MST



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Your altar space is just a collection of trinkets unless you view the trinkets as avenues of devotion

Let me guess: You believe that everything is God.


Wonderful! So do I. 

However! This belief is a BIG deal!

The simple yet powerful understanding is extremely relevant to designing & interacting with a sacred altar space.


The baseline idea is: if God permeates everything, then God can be invoked & worshipped through anything.


So, it's less about the objects occupying the altar, and more about YOU and what is occupying your heart.  

You are the most important
element of your altar or shrine. 

The way that you approach an altar is the key to enlivening the space.


The physical elements of the altar can absolutely enhance your experience, but at the end of the day: where your mind is matters much more than what inhabits your shrine. 

Despite this, having a physical altar space is profoundly important.


In my opinion, your spiritual process will be deprived without a dedicated sacred altar space.


Why? Because we need to create spaces in which we can more easily "pick up the phone" and dial our beloved, God. 📞


If prayer is about maintaining intimacy with God through conversation, then our altar space is the physical machinery that allows us to make the call. 

Your altar space is the phone booth
that connects you with God.

Wednesday August 30th

6-8:30pm MST 

Sign up includes the recording!


In this 2.5 hour workshop + Q&A, ​we will cover the philosophical & physical necessities to build or enhance your altar space. 

I'll share about:

  • the point & purpose of an altar space,

  • the role of spiritual materialism,

  • the value of devotion,

  • my perspective on deity worship,

  •  how to interact with your altar space,

  • the anatomy of an altar,

  • & what to do when you're there.

At the end of this workshop, you will not only have more guidelines for how to build an altar, but also a grounded understanding about how to approach it in your mind & your heart. In the ideal altar space, the inner & the outer exist harmoniously. 

I highly recommend taking my PRAYER 101 & DEVOTION 101 courses before this workshop! These courses will enhance your understanding. 

This workshop is for all levels. However, existing faith in God is essential to fully engage with the content of this class. 

About your instructor: Hanna Williams is a Classical Tantra initiate & spiritual mentor. 

Recommended programs to take prior to this workshop: 
🔗 PRAYER 101 
Sign up for the COURSE BUNDLE [$60] to save $30 on all three [$90 value]

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So excited!
See you there.

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Will attending this course be a legitimate financial strain for you? 

Please email me to "pay what you can." There is no need to state the details of your situation. "Pay what you can" students will be accepted on a limited basis and will be notified by email if they are accepted. 
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