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Looking for Spiritual Clarity?

Do you ever feel lost on your spiritual path?


With so much information and advice out there, it's so easy to become overwhelmed and unsure of which voices to trust.

I've been in your shoes. Ten years ago, I felt spiritually lost - like a ship with no anchor, aimlessly drifting at sea. But through the wisdom of my tradition, Classical Tantra, I found my footing. And while your personal path is unique to you, the core ideas of this tradition express timeless human truths that will support your individual journey. If I can navigate these waters, you can too. 

That's why I created Enlightenment for Regular People - to help you find your spiritual footing through the perennial wisdom of my tradition.

As you navigate the curriculum, E4RP will give you the roadmap you need to explore your spiritual path with grounded integrity & purpose.

My accessible, down-to-earth talks and practical teaching style have helped over 1200 people. Rooted in the wisdom of my ancient tradition and my long-term experience as a practitioner, you can expect resonant truths to guide you, not vague platitudes or outdated religious dogma. 

This year will be the year
you leave behind confusion
& finally discover your solid ground

This comprehensive program includes 27 modules, each containing 2-3 hours of talks. If you choose the payment plan, modules are released every two weeks. This schedule allows ample time for assimilating the material, and with lifetime access to the curriculum, you'll have resources available for your lifelong spiritual journey. If you pay in full, you'll get access to the entire course immediately. 


E4RP is not a passive listening experience. Every talk features reflection questions or exercises, designed to help you to unite the teachings with your daily life. My carefully organized curriculum is an invitation to not only learn about spiritual philosophy, but to also put it into practice.

Monthly live Q&As are offered for you to pose your questions among other students. And, as a student in the school, you'll have access to discounted 1:1 calls with me to get extra support. 

Are you ready to commit to your spiritual path from the inside-out, one meaningful module at a time?

So, what's included?


Pay in Full

and get access to

the entire course


excl tax

Payment Plan

and receive modules

every 2 weeks. 

$45 x 12

excl tax

If you bought each talk in this program separately,
it would add up to over $1250 in value.

The full curriculum:

1.) Enlightenment for Regular People 2.) Grace 101: The Philosophy of the Divine Mother 3.) Grace 101: Putting Philosophy into Practice  4.) The Ego 101  5.) Understanding Spiritual Materialism 6.) Working on your beliefs & "state of being" 7.) Devotion 101: How to Become a Devotee 8.) Devotion 101: Why it Matters 9.) Unpacking Sin 🔥 10.) PRAYER 101: Demystifying a Misunderstood Practice 11.) Building a Devotional Altar  12.) Understanding the Divine Feminine & Masculine  13.) Meditation Instruction: Part One 14.) Meditation Instruction: Part Two  15.) Understanding Karma 16.) The Truth About Spiritual Bypassing  17.) DREAMS!  18.) Spiritual "Obstacles:" DESIRE 19.) Spiritual "Obstacles:" Money & Social Media 20.) Sense Impressions & Daily Spiritual Life 21.) Spiritual "Obstacles:" Your Emotions!!!! 22.) Working with Anger, Guilt, & Shame 23.) SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIPS 101: The Yoga of Love  24.) SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIPS 101: What *actually* makes a relationship work 25.) The True Meaning of Self-Mastery 26.) The Divine Comedy 27.) Closing messages ♡

E4RP is spirituality that's actually relevant
to your modern life. 

About your guide

1.) More flexible and gentle in your day-to-day life. Challenges you face will be perceived as avenues for your personal evolution


2.) Life will begin to feel more inherently trustworthy. However you define "faith" in this moment, rest assured it will be renewed and redefined by the end of the year. 

3.) Your experience of God will feel less distant. God is closer to you than your own jugular vein. Don't believe it? Well, that's what E4RP is for. 


4.) More engaged in your spiritual process with new tools and perspectives to carry you forward on your Divine Quest. 

As the course progresses, you will feel... 

Pay in Full


Payment Plan



​​Q: What is included in each module? A: Each module includes 1-3 lessons + an occasional action step. In each lesson is a 1-3 hour talk, which includes an introduction and reflection questions. You will get the most out of this program by considering the questions journal-style. Q: What if I can't make it to the live Q&As?  A: If you cannot attend live Q&As, you can drop your questions into a question bank that I will review during the calls, time permitting. Q: Why the 2 week release schedule for modules? A: Two reasons. 1.) To make the course material more accessible. 2.) Because true spiritual development TAKES TIME! :) I structure my mentorship work the same way; meeting every two weeks. If you’re engaged with the content, you’ll notice that 2 weeks isn’t enough time to really practice what you’re learning, anyway. ;) Q: Can I access modules early? A: Only if you pay in full! Q: Do I have to convert to your religion to benefit from this program?  A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! As you will learn, the spiritual tradition I teach from is simply *one approach* towards deepening your relationship with God. My work has impacted not just yogis, but also Christians, Muslims, and Magical pracitioners. What I teach is a form of mysticism, direct experiencing of God. This philosophy transcends the boundaries of any particular religion, so E4RP can benefit anyone of any background, so long as they’re down with the “everything is God” approach. Q: Do I have to believe in God?  A: To get the most out of this program, existing faith in God is necessary. And not only that, faith that God is *everything,* not just a distant entity in the sky. I am quite unapologetic about using the term “God” throughout my teaching. However, God can mean many things: the Universe, Source, Divine Intelligence, Cosmic Love, etc. So long as you’re down with *that,* you’re a great fit for the program. Q: How much time will this program take each module? A: Each module includes 2-3 hours of recordings. Most people tend to listen to my talks in spurts because they’re so dense with information. So, expect to spend about 5 hours every module, including time spent reflecting on the questions. Q: What happens if life events impact keeping up? A: That’s totally fine! If you select the payment plan, the modules will continue to release on schedule and you can approach them at whatever pace works for you. Q: How essential is "homework"? Can I skip exercises but listen to talks? A: I will not be reviewing your notes or reflections. That’s all on you! You will get out exactly what you put in to this program. Q: How is this program different from your past offerings? A: Great question! Firstly, I’ve never put all of my work into one place before. And, compared to my previous membership site, my talks were not in any particular order and did not include reflection question or distinct exercises. If you consider the total value of the program [$1250], this is actually my most accessible offer yet. Q: Can I get a refund if it's not a fit? A: I do not offer full refunds, however: If you sign up to make payments, you can cancel your membership at any time. If you pay in full, you can email me and we can work out a partial refund based on how deep into the program you are. Q: Will talks stay accessible if I cancel my payment plan membership? A: No, if you cancel your payment plan you will lose access to the site. Q: Can I download talks to listen offline? A: You can download audio but not video.

E4RP provides a journey of exploring what it means to thread non-dual spiritual philosophy into your day-to-day life. A strong foundation year, E4RP provides you with the philosophical and practical understanding you will need to further explore your life-long spiritual interests. While the program itself is based in the philosophy of classical tantrathe teachings and practices offered are open to all, and can compliment or even enhance your existing relationship to any spiritual tradition or religion. In other words: E4RP is for YOU, so long as you are interested in seeing God in all things, regardless of your individual religious affiliation.


Beyond this, E4RP will teach you that the world is always changing, and yet: there are unchanging spiritual forces that also shape your experience. You will not only learn to understand both of these experiences, but to ultimately see them as One. 

Through examining the spiritual process and conscious participation in life's unfolding mystery, you will build frameworks and practices for accessing inner resilience, wisdom, and discernment in the face of all of life's ups and downs. Throughout the program, you will clarify your unique spiritual path, integrating Awakened Presence into more compassionate engagement with the world. 


By examining spiritual texts and teachings, you will clarify distortions around notions of sin, prayer, virtue, spiritual bypassing, devotion, surrender, cultural appropriation & spiritual materialism. 

E4RP is ultimately an experiment in consciousness. You will use this program to enter into the labratory of your lived experiencestinkering with new philosophies & practices; noticing what works & doesn't work. Listening is not enough: you must engage with this experience in your inner laboratory.

E4RP firmly believes that the way you set up an experiment has a direct result upon the outcome. A strong E4RP student has a willingness to tinker, experiment, get stuck, and get free. That student could be you!

My commitment to you: 

Pay in Full


Payment Plan


E4RP is process oriented,

not product oriented.

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