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Let me guess...

You're tired from wading the waters of pop-spirituality

And sure, some of it has been helpful...

...but there's just something about your spirituality that feels ungrounded.


Or... some of the views you hear don't seem to account for the full spectrum of your experience. Only certain feelings are welcome.


But what about anger? What about confusion?

And further: How do I respond to injustice? Where is the spirituality in that?

You often wonder... how do I even hold these harsh and painful realities with my desire to live a spiritual life? 


You can feel a subtle disconnect; the parts don't add up; too much is missing

In just 6 months with me, you will uncover the spiritual anchor you've been looking for. With a grounded, complete worldview & effective spiritual tools, you'll not only understand how to navigate the ups and downs of your human experience, but also: access joy & wonder through a meaningful process of transformation.

Entering the Cave of the Heart

a 6 month mentorship based in classical tantra.

Maybe you think:  

"If pop-spirituality isn't working... traditional spirituality must be the answer." 

...but when you look in that direction, you find answers that leave you feeling hopeless as well.


You wonder:

"How much do I have to give up to do this spiritual thing? Do I really have to meditate for 2 hours a day? Or go off on a retreat... that I don't even have time for?Spirituality and modern life seem totally incongruent! Who actually has time for this!? What does it actually look like to be a spiritual aspirant in 2023?"

You enter the cave of your heart.

In just 6 months, Entering the Cave of the Heart will help you to:

1.) Establish an effective & committed spiritual lifestyle that’s based in a traditional & sophisticated tantric worldviewso you can regain your spiritual footing in the midst of your hectic life. No practicing for 2 hours a day!


2.) Experience every aspect of your life as a potential access-point to the Divine. This is big, because once you shift from having beliefs in God to having consistently available experiences of God, it actually doesn't matter how busy your life is. And the best part? It's incredibly easy. 🤯


3.) Access more grounded faith & blissful neutrality. Stoke your sense of wonder about the world and the people in it. Enliven your connections to your friends, family, and co-workers. Step into more sovereignty as you become more and more self-contained and confident. 


Megan B. [Sister Nettle]

Textile artist and mother.

Client for 6+ months

“I really can’t overstate how special it has been to work with Hanna and have her witness me and my journey with God. I’ve never been in a setting where I could bring up all my doubts and concerns and even sarcastic jokes about God and genuinely just be held and smiled at. Very different from all my experiences growing up in an organized religion. At the same time, this process has really brought me back home to religion in an ancestral way, and I find myself wanting to be “religious” more than I ever thought possible!”

Have you ever felt this way in regards to spirituality?

1. “I don’t have enough time” 


I would like for you to just gently set that idea aside for a moment. What I teach is a form of integral spirituality in which we bridge the gap between formal practice and engaging with the world. If God permeates everything, then logically: Every moment has potential for devotional practice. So, the feeling of "not having enough time" is incongruent with this idea. What I offer is a view of reality that allows for ongoing practice throughout your day. Formal practice is still necessary, but it's not a daily multi-hour endeavor.  Not even close! 


2. “I don’t deserve spiritual transformation. That’s an experience for other people, not me.” 


Connection with the Divine is actually your birthright. And what's wild is that the connection is already there-- you just can't see it [yet.] From the worldview that I operate from—God is latent within everything and is either more revealed or more concealed in our experience. A revealed experience of God isn’t reserved for “chosen people” or for people who are “better” than you. It’s your Divine right—and yet: there are keys to accessing these experiences. These keys are available to everyone.


3. “I need xyz to change before I can take my spiritual process seriously.” 


This one is totally understandable. The dynamics of everyday life present so many obstacles—emotionally, physically, and spiritually. "I need a new job" "I need a quieter apartment." "I need a spiritual relationship." I get it, but hear me out: The Great Yogis of past and present didn’t attain what they attained from waiting around for their circumstances to change. They took their circumstances and drank them like wine. When we study the lives of Saints, it becomes apparent that circumstances are never the problem—the only problem is the way that circumstances are approached in the mind. I do not teach a type of spirituality that guarantees a life without challenge and difficulty. What I teach is a type of spirituality that is resilient and transformative in the face of all of life’s challenges and difficulties. The good news is that this approach to life can actually enliven every aspect of our day-to-day—even the hard stuff.   

I have the roadmap you're looking for,

do you want to join me? 


Amanda G.

Nonprofit & Wordpress Consultant 

Client for just 2 months

I never thought that following a spiritual instagram would have landed me with the clarity and momentum on my spiritual path that I now experience. In a short few months working with Hanna and immersing myself in her content, I've seen more growth and expansion in my experience than in anything I've done previously. The classes, books, lectures, podcasts, and teachers I've found truth in led me further and further down the path until I found myself feeling confused & unsure of how to integrate the knowledge I was ingesting. I knew I needed guidance, but I wasn't feeling like the mainstream wellness and spiritual communities were where I should be.


Who am I?

    Hanna Williams [she/her]    

 Initiate and student of Classical Shakta Tantra - [8 years]

 BA in Religious Studies - Naropa University 

 Independent research of World Religion - [10+ years]

 Neurotransformational Coaching Elite Coaching University 

 I was a staunch atheist until I was 19 years old.


Yep, you read that correctly.


I’ve spent my entire life preoccupied with the pursuit of truth; searching for what’s real. Growing up, I was only offered the preferred truth-seeking method of our culture: science. This was the only explaining story I could find aside from Normative Christianity—so, I went with it.

But… how did I shift from denial of God to experience of God?


In essence: I was humbled by the Intelligence of Nature. When I was 19, I met God in a compost heap working on a farm. Soon, my experiences became incongruent with my scientific understanding. I began to realize that science doesn’t allow room for the full-spectrum of human experience. So, as the Divinity within Nature continued to conquer my false sense of knowledge [atheism], I gave more consideration to alternative ways of knowing—ways of knowing that acknowledged the full-spectrum. This led me into 10 years of studying religion, which ultimately landed me in the Tantric tradition I am initiated into today. As my experiences deepened, it became clear to me that there was much more going on than meets the eye. Experience is a key term here because my spiritual turning point was a shift away from belief-systems to experiential-frameworks.


I don’t have beliefs. I have experiences.

I don’t believe in God. I experience Her.


Now, I empower people like you to make this shift through the sophisticated framework of my spiritual tradition [maha śakti yoga] and my 10 years of studying world religion.


What if God was like an old, loving friend

who’s been trying to contact you

and all you need to do is learn how to answer the phone?


I look forward to guiding you through this process. Sometimes the most sophisticated systems are based in the most simple methods. Ultimately, I am here to act as your guide, mentor, and mirror to reflect back all that already exists inside of you [Divine Potentiality].


Megan B. [Sister Nettle]

Textile artist and mother.

Client for 6+ months

"Working with Hanna has helped me open doors within myself that I honestly never thought I’d reach in this lifetime! I’ve always been journeying through states of atheism, agnosticism, animism, and feeling so much “unknown." And while we will always live in Divine Ignorance, I’m now more secure and certain than I have ever been."


But enough about me… let’s talk about you.

🌹 You’re feeling a strong tug towards the spiritual path but you don't know where to start. Pop-spirituality isn't cutting it, and traditional spirituality feels incongruent with the realities of your modern life.


🌹 You see the value of practices like prayer and devotion but you feel awkward when the time comes to actually do it. "Who am I praying to? Is there really an ear that listens?"


🌹 Metaphor excites you—you can sense that the Divine is lovingly trying to wake you up in the form of the messages It sends to you through the events and people of your life.

🌹 You care deeply about the people, plants, and beings of world want to seek justice for all—but are understandably afraid of spiritually bypassing the darker aspects of life. You want to understand how to compassionately detach from what you’re experiencing, while also working to make life better for the sake of all beings.


🌹 You’re very, very curious. You’re always listening to podcasts or spiritual talks. You read books about the world—how cultures came to be; how our shared history effects the now. You’re a seeker after truth in many areas of life—spirituality included.


🌹 You love having deep conversations with people and prefer to skip the small talk, but you’ve gotten to a point in your spiritual passion where you have a hard time talking about your interests with your friends and family. You need someone else to talk to who’s on a similar level to you.


🌹 You’re feeling disillusioned with pop-spirituality. A lot of it seems flimsy, especially in the face of everything you’ve experienced in the last two years. You’re looking for something with more weight; an explaining story for what the heck is going on here with more brevity and sophistication. You’re looking for something that can hold up no matter what happens. You’re looking for a viewpoint to adopt for the long haul.


🌹 You see mystical value in the lightness of life as well as the darkness—that the Divine is latent within our greatest ecstasies and also our most challenging hardships. You have already experienced that transformation is available through both joy AND sorrow. You know that you're here for the full-spectrum of Human experience, & you’re looking for a path that embraces this.


Amanda G.

Nonprofit & Wordpress Consultant 

Client for just 2 months

From my first conversation with Hanna I knew this work would be different, I knew she was the real deal. Her ability to hold space and to offer a sincere, integrated approach to spirituality was like opening a present at Christmas as a five year old. The JOY in knowing it is possible to integrate everything I've read and heard and felt into my actual life was nearly overwhelming. Hanna has helped me to put to words so much of what I was experiencing, within a worldview that connected the many dots of my lived-experiences. This framework has allowed me to trust the spiritual process in such a profound way, which was something I truly didn't know was possible to feel. Faith was an elusive concept for me before working with Hanna, now I can feel the essence of faith in a way I never knew was possible. For that, I'm forever grateful to Hanna.

Entering the Cave of the Heart IS for you if: 

You are excited to learn more about this path of Yoga. Maybe you have experience with Modern Postural Yoga, or maybe this is your first time exploring this path. Either way, all you need is enthusiasm; these teachings work for anyone at ANY level of experience. 


Stimulating conversation excites you. You love to think deeply about things. You crave moments that suddenly shift your perspective. You love to have people in your life who not only support your inner life, but also mirror back to you what you’re experiencing.


You understand the value of spiritual discipline, but in order to integrate it into your daily life, you feel like you need an accountability partner. 


“Grace wears the mask of discomfort and eagerly waits to see if you’ll recognize Her.” You’ve been transformed by life’s hardships enough times to feel comfortable with the idea of Divine timing. You don’t necessarily seek hardship, but you can feel a thread of Intelligence working in your life—including the hard stuff. You want to give words to this experience.

You definitely don’t want to participate in “spiritual bypassing.” You want to consciously show up, but sometimes the intensity of life has you stepping back. You’re looking for a spiritual system that accounts for this feeling in a way that’s ethical and supports your commitment to serving the world.          

Entering the Cave of the Heart is NOT for you if: 

You have no interest in the path of yoga. This mentorship program is based explicitly in the worldview and framework of Classical Tantra / Maha Śakti Yoga. If you have no interest in the path of yoga, this mentorship program is not for you.


❌ You’re on the fence about belief in God. I work with people who recognize God, but maybe just need more help giving words to this experience, and how to view this Presence in a way that supports the process they're in.


You are not prepared to spend time outside of session listening to program material. There will not be extra material to review every week, but it is included in the syllabus. I only work with people who are prepared to show up to sessions on time, ready to discuss the topic for the week.


You’re seeking guidance with Modern Postural Yoga. This mentorship program does not address the 3rd limb of yoga, asana, at all. I encourage you to look for a teacher in person to continue exploring this aspect of the yogic path.


You have no interest in expanding your mind or questioning your sense of self. You find liminal spaces to be uncomfortable and would rather feel totally in control at all times. You’re resistant to change or taking personal responsibility for your part in your life.


Megan B. [Sister Nettle]

Textile artist and mother.

Client for 6+ months

"A big part of what Hanna offers is the opportunity to be able to access her years worth of education and spiritual practice/knowledge, and through that move through your own lessons and milestones more quickly and gently than you would without a guide in some form. And that could not be more accurate for me. When I say I’ve gained clarity on parts of my spiritual framework that I thought I’d never find in this lifetime, I really mean it. A lot of times at the beginning of my session after we meditate together, I just find myself crying from a soft and loved place, because this entire journey has been that special for me and I’m so grateful to have found my spiritual home within myself in this lifetime." 


Megan B. [Sister Nettle]

Textile artist and mother.

Client for 6+ months

"But now having worked with her for six months, I have so many concrete things in my day to day life that I can look at and say: “oh my gosh, I am moving in such a different way than I was before. I am able to hold space where I couldn’t before! I moved through that with so much more grace.” My ability to slow down and witness my reality and be less reactive has been huge. On a spiritual level, my understanding and natural inclination to prayer has grown so much, my confidence in my connectedness and inherent right to reach for God, are all things that have come so naturally for me through this process…"

 So, how does it work?  

Enter the Cave of the Heart is a 6 month program that includes:


12 bi-weekly zoom sessions to guide you into the cave of your heart


➵ Supplemental material to review and digest.


Access to me on WhatsApp in between sessions. This space is great for briefly unpacking a thought / experience / breakthrough that may come up in between our scheduled time together. It keeps the momentum going! ♡ 


Access to my entire suite of courses and talks. 

Various options to continue mentorship after 6 months. 

Mentorship fee:

One payment:


Payment plan:

$285 x 6

You can review the program refund policy here. 

 What sets me apart from other guides:  

What makes me unique is that I am empowered by my guru [and thus my lineage] to work with people and teach about spirituality.


These days, association with lineage is quite unusual, especially online. Nothing that I teach is my own "trademarked method." And, I certainly didn't figure all of this out entirely on my own. Being self-taught and offering an original idea isn't a bad thing—it’s just a different flavor. What I offer [lineage-based spirituality] is simply a rare flavor of modern spirituality. 


In addition to this, my position within this lineage has give me A LOT of experience with being a student. A student like you. This grounds me and allows me to bring more compassion into my client work, because I have been you. 


 I’ve been confused about shifting identities;

 I’ve been baffled about integrating new practices and worldviews;

 I know how tough it can be to work with the ego.


And in addition to this: I am committed to always remaining in the position of a student. I learn something new every day with my clients, and I consider this to be one of the most rewarding aspects of my work. 


Amanda G.

Nonprofit & Wordpress Consultant 

Client for just 2 months

The Spiritual Process with Hanna feels like jumping into a wave, & the more I surrender to the process the more I'm swept away by its power. I can feel a momentum, a force that's guiding me. I now have the words to understand it as it is: Grace. Now, my day-to-day is filled with remembrance and connection. Even in moments of disconnection I can feel the strength of my spiritual roots as they continue to grow. I now have practical practices that guide me back towards connection again and again. Hanna's guidance has been instrumental in working through difficult aspects of the spiritual journey that I otherwise would have felt completely alone in. The ways that this work has permeated every aspect of my life is surprising and incredibly humbling to say the least. It's difficult to put to words how impactful it is. I look forward to continuing in the process with Hanna's support and guidance along the way.


What Entering the Cave of the Heart will do for you:


After 6 months with me: 

1.) You feel much more grounded in your spiritual process. You will feel less scattered in your practice, and have a toolbox of effective methods to sustain your devotion and deepen your spiritual awareness.


2.) You will face life with a suprising level of renewed faith and perspective. You’ll recognize that it doesn’t matter how busy or challenging life becomes—God is always there waiting for you to notice Her.

3.) You feel more resilient and easeful in your daily life. Difficult conversations with your partner will become exciting opportunities for growth. Moments with your children will feel more present and enlivened.


4.) You will step into the great paradox of the spiritual experience: the more space you create between you and your experiences, the more present you feel. 

I see you & what you are feeling is normal.  

You are exhausted from years of piecing together the spiritual mystery on your own. This feels difficult because:

1.) The pieces don’t add up when you pull from too many different traditions.

Of course you’re exhausted. You’ve taken three 500 piece puzzles and dumped them all onto the same coffee table, expecting the process of putting it all back together to come easily. Each puzzle is beautiful and worth exploring—but it’s too much to try piece all of them together right now. You can explore each puzzle eventually—but together, we could explore one and allow that to be the foundation for the other puzzles you try out in the future.

2.) You feel isolated and alone in this process. 

 You don’t have anyone you trust to talk with you about the spiritual experiences and thoughts you’re having. 

 You’re tired of not feeling seen in your experience by the world, and not feeling heard in your spirituality by your peers.

 On one level this is unbearable, and on another level you can feel that you’re not progressing as much as you could in the absence of this kind of support.

3.) You have a deep desire to explore your relationship with God—but the connection feels broken or unreliable.

The good news is that this is SO incredibly common, and the way that we remedy this is to learn how to recognize God in revealed states, and God in concealed states. This is a foundational approach in my work that will help you to feel more consistently connected to God—who is your own true Self.

6 months from now you will feel:

 grounded within your faith in the process you're in,

 situated within a new spiritual framework to support your process,

 and clearly understand what you need to move forward, through the mirror of our supportive relationship. 

I know how excited you are by this,

and I’m here extending my hand to you.

My job is to support you.

I will hold space for you to integrate new perspectives,

I will listen compassionately to your struggles,

 and I will joyously celebrate your successes.


I’ve had the great honor of witnessing my clients transform into resilient, spiritual beings who move through life with more poise and ease. Most people begin to feel more grounded within the first 3 weeks.


Let’s start this journey together—I can’t wait to reflect on how much you’ve grown 6 months from now.


🌹You want to live a spiritually driven life.🌹

This desire is your birthright.

Entering the Cave of the Heart

will allow for all of this, and more.

Client success stories: 


Genevieve E.



"Working one on one with Hanna over the past few months has been a precious gift. Her humor, compassion, instincts, and  deep knowledge and understanding of spiritual practices are unmatched. I feel like I discover something new and transformative every week, either in our sessions or between them as I integrate the things we talked about. Over the course of our time together, the interconnectedness, simplicity, and beauty of the spiritual path, (of which Hanna is an expert navigator), has continually amazed and delighted me. Sometimes the path is hilarious, sometimes it's painful, but there is always the offering to find Grace in the process. Working with Hanna has given me access to more joy, more gratitude, more GRACE (even and especially when things are crummy), and a deep trust in my self and in the unfolding of my life. I would enthusiastically and ecstatically recommend her as a Spiritual Field Guide. Plus she’s really funny."


Constance E. 

Outdoor Advocate

"My decision to apply to work with Hanna has turned out to be one of the best choices I’ve made for myself. Hanna’s compassionate and capable guidance has strengthened me in a lot of different ways after a month of working together so far. I came to Hanna expressing the desire to be both more reliable as a person and more grounded in myself and my understanding of other people. The work I’ve been doing has blossomed beyond those initial goals as I’ve seen changes in my day to day life. The tools Hanna has equipped me with have enabled me to pull on threads that I’ve been curious about for years and finally start to unravel some awesome discoveries about what growth and self effort and love really are. Hanna is an intelligent person, full of Grace and a sparkling type of wisdom that brightens even the densest subjects. I’ve really loved working with her!"


Roxanne S. 



"Working 1:1 with Hanna has been positively impactful. Like working with a really wise friend, I felt completely safe and held in the container she obviously thoughtfully cultivates with much care and respect. I came into this 1:1 with a lot of discomfort in specific arenas of my existence; areas that I was having difficulty aligning with spiritually. Hanna gave me many tools to implement into daily life that I am absolutely actually using. One of the things I loved most about working with Hanna is her questions. She asked me so many that really prodded me in a way to become awake to how I am moving in the world. That kind of attention really put to the forefront that she was here to serve me and that she cared and listened intently. These questions also kept me in the driver seat of my experience; she wasn't telling me how to live my life. My intention going into this experience was to be more self assured. I come out of this eager to step into this state of assuredness- I am legitimately excited as I feel I am leaving this 1:1 moment a more true version of my self."


Kelcie N. 

Animal Steward


"The space Hanna facilitated within our first month was truly and profoundly transformational.  Standing on the other side of those 4 weeks, it feels as if I'm fully my authentic self; yet paradoxically, a brand new being with untapped potential. True to the field guide title, the tools and knowledge Hanna possesses combined with her deep empathy and apt humor were integral in guiding me to my home within myself."

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