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we can work together

we can work together

we can work together

we can work together

Let me guess:

You're tired of wading the waters of pop-spirituality.

And while you've definitely found some of it to be helpful...


...there's just something about your practice or these adopted ideas that feel slightly ungrounded. There's a subtle disconnect; the parts don't seem to add up. You feel as if you're standing in a rubble field of spirituality—and even so, you can just feel that this spiritual debris must have come from somewhere. But where?

This is where I come in. I am not a spiritual teacher, but I am a spiritual field guide. I help people like you move from the rubble field to a more defined and reliable path. What makes a forest trail and a trail is the existence of the thousands of people who came before us to lead the way. 

I am continually led by the Great Beings and masters of the path of yoga. The traditional, sophisticated, and efficacious path of yoga. If you'd like to tread this path with me, I invite you to read on and learn more. 

picture it like this:

So, who am I?

I am not a spiritual teacher. I am a spiritual field guide

A spiritual field guide is like a traditional field guide—someone who knows the forest really well, and can help to guide you through it.

As a field guide, I am familiar with many paths and trails, and even know some secret routes that I’ve been told about by other guides, or even—whispered to by the forest itself. As a field guide, I certainly know a lot about the forest, but the forest is so incomprehensibly big that I could never possibly know every inch of it.

The forest in this metaphor is the spiritual path. The forest is the universe. The forest is life itself and the path to God that is hidden within it. As your spiritual field guide, I am not the forest—I simply have a map of it, and know it well enough to feel confident guiding you through it.


In addition to this, I am a student and initiate of a classical Shakta (Goddess) Tantric tradition and have been studying in my particular lineage for seven years.

This living lineage can be traced back from student to teacher to the founder of Kashmir Shaivism: Abhinavagupta.

Other teachers in our lineage include:

Pundit Ramesh Moudgil, Baba Muktananda, Dhyanyogi Madhusudandas, Sree Anandamayi Ma, and a powerful, rare, and active connection to Sai Baba of Shirdi.


This lineage of classical Tantra is grounded in working with the transformational power of Grace, developing positive orientations in the mind that empower growth and connection, and living in service to the world (the Divine itself.)


My association with this tradition deeply permeates my worldview and approach to working with clients, however I am not at all interested in converting you to my religion. What I am interested in is guiding you towards a committed, transformational path that is in alignment with who you are and where you want to go.


Lucky for you, I am also a scholar of world religion. I studied esoteric religions in college, and have nearly 10 years of experience studying many of the most brilliant and transformational spiritual approaches on earth. So, I am incredible resource for you to try to figure out where exactly you might want to direct your attention spiritually.

However, the teachings of my own tradition will always permeate my approach—but these teachings themselves are ultimately perennial and remain powerful even when applied outside of the immediate context of Classical Tantra.

I am also trained in NeuroTransformational Coaching, which comes into play when we work on limiting beliefs & the unconscious mind. Powerful !



Ultimately, I am here to act as your guide, mentor, and mirror

to reflect back all that already exists inside of you.

Okay, tell me more:

The types of people I work with:

  • I work with spiritual coaches, healers, intuitives & leaders who are interested in grounding their client work in deep service to the Divine, the refinement of the ego, and practices/approaches that are based in the integrity of lineage-based spirituality. 

  • I work with mothers, fathers, siblings, co-workers, & friends [aka: anyone] who simply wants to deepen their experience of the Divine—to Divinize every aspect of their life. Understand this: Spirituality has nothing to do with your job, your partnership, or your role in society. It's about your ability to recognize what is eternally relevant in all of those situations; it's to invoke and serve the Divine in all of our actions.

  • I work with anyone (!) who is ready to take radical responsibility for their beliefs, their choices, and their internal talk. I work with people who are ready to examine their programming, and debug their software; all with the loving awareness that our past choices were intelligent in their own way. This is gravely important, because the way we talk about ourselves creates potentialities for us to step into. I work with people who are ready to take responsibility for their potential.  

Mentorship with me:

  • happens within month-long containers. to start, you'll sign on to work with me for one month, and then from there we can continue on a month-by-month basis.

  • during this time, we'll have weekly calls over zoom. in addition to this, you'll have access to me on Voxer, which is a voice/text messaging app.

  • this container is a great environment for growth because we can still talk about ideas / concepts / feelings / breakthroughs in-between sessions.

  • so: this is truly an ongoing, living relationship that we build together. 

  • in this container, you'll also have access to all past classes I have taught [including the Steiner Reading Room,] or new classes that I teach during the time we work together.

  • one month with me is $555 or $142/week [auto-billed by subscription]

I don't do one-off calls because I'm not interested in that.

What I am interested in is:

the fertile soil of human connection; 

preparing the garden of your becoming; 

& working the soil of your being,

in order to plant the seeds of the teachings.


Relationships aren't built in one call. You know this already. So are you ready ?


Client Transformation:

"Working one on one with Hanna over the past few months has been a precious gift. Her humor, compassion, instincts, and  deep knowledge and understanding of spiritual practices are unmatched. I feel like I discover something new and transformative every week, either in our sessions or between them as I integrate the things we talked about. Over the course of our time together, the interconnectedness, simplicity, and beauty of the spiritual path, (of which Hanna is an expert navigator), has continually amazed and delighted me. Sometimes the path is hilarious, sometimes it's painful, but there is always the offering to find Grace in the process. Working with Hanna has given me access to more joy, more gratitude, more GRACE (even and especially when things are crummy), and a deep trust in my self and in the unfolding of my life. I would enthusiastically and ecstatically recommend her as a Spiritual Field Guide. Plus she’s really funny."



If I receive your application and you fit my criteria, we can schedule a free consultation call. 

During this time, we'll meet each other and see if we'll be a good fit. I'll spend most of the call asking you questions to tap into your desires [your Future Self] so that we can begin to pave the way to your potential. Your ability to act Divinely—to move through the world with a Divine Disposition—is already within you. Divine Love, Divine Compassion, Divine Truth, Divine Beauty. All of these qualities are inherent within your being. Together we can bring them forward.

Your submitted application does not guarantee a call with me.

You will receive an email from me if I'd like to meet with you. :) 

Client transformations:

"The space Hanna facilitated within our first month was truly and profoundly transformational.  Standing on the other side of those 4 weeks, it feels as if I'm fully my authentic self; yet paradoxically, a brand new being with untapped potential. 


True to the field guide title, the tools and knowledge Hanna possesses combined with her deep empathy and apt humor were integral in guiding me to my home within myself."

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