What if...
  you could
   have me in
    your pocket?

What if...
  you could
   have me in
    your pocket?

With Voxer, it's easy.

Imagine being able to pick my brain, ask me for support, bounce ideas off of me...

for an entire day.

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What if you could have me in your pocket?

Voxer guidance is an alternative to live 1:1 support calls. Our time together is drawn out over the course of an entire day, which makes the process of question asking, support giving, and overall digestion of the experience much more relaxed and low pressure. 


How it works:

For 1:1 Voxer guidance, we'll be using an app called Voxer to communicate! Voxer is a free walkie talkie app that allows us to communicate back and forth with voice and text messaging.

1.) Book your session

  • Book your Voxer session with me below. 

  • Scheduling and payment happen right here! No intake or application is required.

  • When you book, you gain access to me 10am MST to 6pm MST on the day you choose.

2.) Download Voxer

Next, it's time to get set up on the free Voxer app. It can be found in any app store. You can use it on your mobile device or your computer and we'll be able to chat back and forth through text and voice messaging.

When you get the app, be sure to send me a test message to make sure we're connected! You'll find my username during check-out. 

3.) Await our scheduled time!

Wait for your scheduled date to come and we'll get started! 

And guess what: You can actually ask me questions BEFORE our session begins! Just go ahead and send your messages through Voxer before our scheduled time, and I'll be ready to answer them at 10am MST the day you schedule!

You'll have me in your pocket for all your philosophical questions and/or individualized support and we'll be able to chat back and forth at a relaxed pace during that timeframe.

Voxer guidance is for you if...

  • You don’t feel like you require my undivided attention and support for an hour 1:1 session—but are desiring general guidance that will unfold in a more relaxed setting.

  • You feel shy about video conferencing, or are nervous about being “on the spot” during a live, 1:1 call with me. In this setting, you can ask questions at your own pace, listen to my responses—and slowly digest it over the course of a day.

  • For individual days, you want the freedom to pick a date on your schedule and your terms—and I’ll be there for you! 

  • Don’t want to go through my intake process for individual, longer term 1:1 guidance. There is no barrier to entry here aside from the investment you make both in me and your own development.

  • You have an emergent issue or existential pondering that you don’t want to have to wait for a scheduled live 1:1 call to work out. If my schedule is open, that day is for you!

  • You want to be able to quickly ask questions on the fly, work things out, and just have someone in your pocket to get direct feedback from without all the pressure of a live call.


​​Book a single day with me for $150! These sessions are low-commitment and perfect for working out a specific issue, philosophical dilemma, or as a self-care day to help you to ground back into your True Being.

Does this all sound good, but you'd rather work with me in a longer-term, more personal live 1:1 setting?

That's totally possible!

You can apply to start working with me here!

Ready to jump in?

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